Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last week for this project

The guys were here a lot early than they thought they would be.  Almost caught me in the shower.  Today was mostly painting and a little trim work.  Here are a couple photos.

Bill paints the new back door.

Jeff primes the basement exit

The stairs get painted

Doing the dishes (actually the paint brushes)
I got some of the branches trimmed in the driveway and if all goes as planned I will bring the motorhome here tomorrow.  Now its off to court.  It was raining when I left and its raining now.  The rain gauge shows almost 3/4 of an inch in the last 6 hours.  The motorhome is sitting outside now in all the rain waiting for me to pick it up so it should be all rinsed off by morning.

The rain gauge showed .81 in of rain by midnight last night and none over night.  It rained hard several times today but not for long .04 in the gauge, looks like slow and steady wins the race.
Mark, a friend of ours picked me up at 7:30 this morning and gave me a ride to pickup the Motor Home on his way to work, Thanks Mark.  So the coach is home now and it did not rain while I was on the road.
Parked in its spot and ready for a good cleaning inside and out.
It ran fine on the way home and all the systems I had time to test while driving seemed to work fine.
I added a quart or so of water to the batteries latter in the day so they will be good for a while.  So after 154 days in storage I finally have it home.
They guys were here painting when I backed in and finished most of the painting and final trim early this afternoon.  They will be back in the morning to touch up a little and do what needs done.  Bill emailed me and the doors for the media center are not in yet so that will not be done yet.
We went in to WW and I lost again so am doing good.  Now I am with Alexus and she is writing a story.  I called earlier today and made arrangements to get my tires put on Thursday afternoon so we should be good to go after that.
Looks like another round of rainy weather for tomorrow, but nothing like the middle of the country has been getting.

Bill came this morning and put the second coat on the front door and a little touch up.  I think they are done except for the Doors on the media cabinet.  Twelve doors, he still waiting for them to come in and then be painted, door pulls installed and then put them in place.
I checked this morning and the balancing beads for my new tires are in so I am all set for tomorrow to get the new tires on the MH.  I also called to get the final bill on the carpet and laminate.
Its a nice sunny morning but another cold front is on the way so I will try to get some outside things accomplished this morning.  The NWS has now posted Tornado warnings for this evening so looks like we are in for some rough weather.
I was able to clean some in the basement today now that the guys are done.  Then I put the lattice I had taken down to fix the down spout.  I also move some of the stuff to the MH.  I started cleaning it, seems a couple mice must have gotten into it.  The shop vac took care of the nuts etc they had dragged in.  I also tried out a new used vacuum Bonnie had bought for in the MH it seems to work ok.
I got our flag pole put up and Old Glory and the Navy Flag up.

Now for an evening of watching the weather and waiting for Bonnie to get home.
First round of storms went through .28 in. in just a few minutes, more to come over night.

I will get this posted.
Thanks for checking in.