Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beautiful weather but we need some rain


Beautiful Sunny day in the 70s.  Its wash day and grass cutting also.

I took it easy until lunch time at noon.  Just running the laundry through its cycles.
After lunch I headed out and picked up the mail.  I had ordered parts from Koehler last week to repair our kitchen faucet again.  This is about the 3rd time they have sent us parts.  It has a lifetime warranty and its an easy fix, so about every 18 months I replace a couple o-rings and grease it up.

Then I headed out and got out the ranger after cleaning out the back of it.  I headed up and hooked up the back hose for Bonnie then picked up the Mantis tiller and worked on tilling up the stump bumps and seeded and rolled them.  Then jumped on the mower and cut some of the front yard.  I decided to change blades.  I keep 2 sets of blades and rotate them so I sharpen both sets today and put them back on the mower.  Then finished up the front yard.  It was hot today but it felt good to work up a sweat.

I jumped in the shower and then through my dusty clothes in the washer, bad move.  I had been listening to my iPod while I cut the grass and forgot to take it out of my pocket.  So it went for a swim in the washer.  Its now in rice and we will see if that does any good.

Its actually completely buried in the rice.
Well thats about it for today and its almost tomorrow so I am off to do a little reading.


Read last night until almost 1am.  Overcast this morning when I woke up at 7am, rolled over woke again at 8:30, late start to today.  We got a little rain mid morning and that was it a few minutes, it rained east of us but no more here.  Trash day tomorrow so collected it and took it out to the road

I worked on the piece of wood to finish off the the front TV install in the coach.  Staining it did not match so I painted it black will see how it looks tomorrow.

Headed up to court for a while.  Sadly the Robin nest got knocked over, not sure if it was the wind or what happened, no sign of any of the birds.  Then back home and worked a little more on the MH.  Then Bonnie got home and we headed off to WW.  We both gained a little, have to get serious again.

Then we picked up subs and had dinner with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Stopped to take a picture of the electric meter so I can send it in tomorrow.

 Home now and a little TV before bed.


Cloudy and the crows were noisy when I woke up at 6 got up closed the windows and laid back down.  Oh my its now 9 better get up.

10:30 now and having my second cup of coffee.  But I have done a couple things.  I chatted with my sister on line, then I tested the iPod and it came on and played some music, its back in the rice.

It turned on and played some music
Then I took the top part of the stove a part and cleaned it.  Soaked the various parts and scrubbed them.  Now they are in the dish washer for a complete degreasing on a parts and pans cycle.  Now to sit down and enjoy this cup of coffee and catch up on blogs and email.

Took it easy until lunch time and then headed out to get busy.  Jumped on the mower and cut the side hill and around the upper flower bed.  Then I jumped on the tractor and put a couple trees that had blown over and were hung up in other trees down on to the ground so they are  safe.  Then I dug out two more stumps.  UPS pulled in while I was doing this and dropped off some things I had ordered on Prime from Amazon.  Ordered them Monday and with the free 2 day shipping they were here today.  Bonnie pulled in as I was about done, I finished up and headed in.  She was  cooking supper, pork loin, cole slaw, and potato salad.  Boy was it good.

Earlier today I looked up a new refrigerator shelf for Elizabeth and got it ordered.  It broke a month or so ago,  I needed the model number of the refrigerator to order it and just got that on Tuesday.

Broken shelf
Thats about it. for today.  Thanks for Checking In.