Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes


Slept with the windows open last night.  What a difference a week makes.  Last week we had 16 inches of snow and today it hit 80 here at the house.  We have the windows open and the ceiling fans whirling.

I went over late this morning to visit a friend who had back surgery for a blown disc Tuesday.  He is feeling much better and getting around pretty good.  We spent a couple hours talking and had a nice lunch together with his wife.  It will be hard to keep his from doing to much for the next 6 weeks.  But I am sure a week has made a big difference in his pain level also.

I came home and changed and jumped on the JD lawn tractor and started to cut the front lawn.  Wow was it wet, too wet.  I did finish the front yard, but quit while I was ahead, the rest will have to dry out a little.

Bonnie got home from shopping and we made hamburgers for supper and then settled in for a little TV.

Off to bed now and some reading.


We got a couple short hard rains last night but not any big storms.  Nice and sunny this morning but the yard is way to wet to work in.  So I am headed up to court.  Spent a few hours up there and now back home for a bit until Bonnie gets home.

On the road again to pick up Alexus and then on to a Mexican Fund raising dinner at their church.  They are raising money for a youth mission trip to Mexico.

The dinner was good and I ate to much.  After the meal we stopped at Elizabeths to fix a computer problem and then the dirt screen, that she wants to use tomorrow.  Finally home and Alexus is spending the night with us.  Her and Bonnie are headed for yard sales in the morning.  I am headed to Camping World with a friend.

Time for TV and then bed.


We were all up early this morning and Bonnie and Alexus left first and headed to their yard sales.

I got some stuff out of the coach just as my friend drove in.  We headed out toward Hamburg.   First stop was Charlies Diner in East Aurora for a great breakfast.  Then on to Camping World.  We both enjoy looking around and I managed to pick up a few things that will make our life on the road a little easier.

A few of the things
New table and Magazine rack
We made a quick stop at Colton RV in Orchard Park to see what they had on there lot.  Saw little we were interested in.  Then I headed home, we waved as we passed Elizabeths house, they were all out in the yard working.  Once home I headed up to court to send in my monthly report before heading to my sisters tomorrow.

Home finally and I decided I had better wash the truck and clean out the floor mats and get rid of the winter crud.

Looks good now

Nice and clean now
Then into the house and cut up the other smoked pork loin and sampled a little for part of supper.

Maple smoked pork loin
Bonnie shoveled dirt in at Elizabeth's today and got lots of Sun!

Bonnies first day out in the sun, its more red in person
Time to rest a little, in the morning I will pack and head to my sisters 5 or 6 hours.  Hope to be there in time for dinner and church.  Next update should be from Spring City, PA.


Well I got up at my normal time this morning and got moving, today I am heading to Spring City, PA to visit my sister.

Bonnie left for church and I headed south with 10 lbs of Sahlen Hot Dogs for my niece and sister.  I was making good time and stopped at a Pilot Truck Stop in Bath for a personal pit stop and coffee.  Then back on the road.  In no time I was in Pennsylvania.

Welcome to PA
Next stop was McDonalds near Jim Thorpe PA for a quick lunch.

Chicken Sandwich is gone, but I did remember to take a picture
I stopped just before I got to my sisters and filled up the truck with gas for $3.77 a gallon.  I took a picture of the sign but the numbers did not show up.  Then after five and a half hours of driving I arrived.

330.5 miles averaged 50.7 miles per hour.
After hugs and visiting for a while we had dinner and then changed for church.  Here is the view from the balcony.

We sat behind the sound booth
My sister and niece
 We sat up here because my nephew works in the sound booth.

My nephew is in the green shirt, mixing the sound for the podcast.
Well thats about it for this week.  I will introduce you to Molly, another member of the family tomorrow.  I got a lot of kisses and hugs from her today she even tried to use my computer.