Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Happy Puppy


So far I am a Happy Puppy.  I took the iPod out of the rice this morning and put it out on the porch railing in the bright sun for a couple house this morning and then brought it in.  I have it playing and will let it run all day.  I figure the little bit of heat it generates will help to make sure it is dry inside.

The crows woke me at 5:39 this morning.  I shut the windows again and slept till 8.  Then when I made my coffee in the Keurig I only got about 1/2 a cup and noticed the vent was pouring water back into the water reservoir on the side.  Time to google that problem.

Our Keurig B60
So google turned up a few possible issues, most related to cleaning so I tried them all.  But the one I think worked the magic was to clean the 3 holes in the needle like device that pierces the top of the k-cup.

Used a paper clip to clean the 3 holes, with the unit unplugged
So I have a nice clean unit and I am back in business.

Its pretty humid out so I decided to do something relatively easy out side today.  Weed control day.

Sprayer in the back of the ranger
I loaded the 15 gallon sprayer in the back of the Ranger and then filled it with water and weed killer.  Then proceeded to spray along both sides of the driveway and around all the trees in the yard.  It took about an hour to work my way around the yard and spray all the weeds I could with one tank full.  The about 1/2 hour to do all the rinsing and cleaning up.  Lunch time its 1:30

After lunch I worked at reading on my Kindle but keep dosing off.  Bonnie called and said she would be late but that we would be having salads for supper.

Salads were good.  Bonnie packed for her trip tomorrow and we headed for bed after a little TV.


Another sunny morning and the birds did not wake me until 6:30.  Got up around 8 and headed up to court around 10 to take care of some paperwork.

Sadly something knocked over the Robin nest, no sign of the birds.

Bonnie is leaving around noon so I wanted to be home then.  She and Elizabeth and Alexus are headed to the Washington DC area to see Alexus's grandmother who had a stroke a few weeks ago.  Once she left I installed the black panel around the Blu-Ray player in the MH.  Turned on the refrigerator to get it cooled down for next week and checked out.  Its starting at 81 degrees.

New TV and Blu-Ray
 After that I set the garage refrigerator outside for its annual defrost cycle.  Ice builds up in the freezer and the door will not open properly.
Defrost cycle
Shortly after that it sprinkled a little but that was short lived and the sun is out again.

2:45 the girls are making good progress

Well the girls made it to Virginia safe and sound now I can rest.  The refrigerator finished defrosting before dark and I wiped it down and put it back in the garage and plugged it back in.  Time for some reading and a good nights sleep.


Beautiful Saturday morning great start to the Memorial Day weekend.  I had turned on my windows laptop last night to allow it to download updates.  And it did.

32 updates yes it took awhile.
Its only been off a couple weeks.  About the only thing I do with it is plan trips using MS Streets and Trips if only Apple had a good map program that worked offline.

Our cat is driving me crazy thinks she is going to starve to death as her dish has been empty for 5 minutes.  Guess I will head outside and see what trouble I can get into.

I have had this for a few years time to put it together and put it to use.

Time to put this to use

The start of our fire pit.
Then I loaded up a couple boxes of wood for next weekends campout.  Its good and seasoned.  Because of the Emerald Ash borer you can not transport firewood out of the county.  We are camping here in the county next weekend with our camping club so I will take some for the campfires.

Headed for a campfire
Getting to hot out in the sun so time for lunch and maybe a nap.

Took it easy all afternoon and watched a few recorded programs.  Supper time so I grilled some Brats and had some corn-off-the-cob.

Grilled Brats! can't beat that.
Then I decided to try out the fire ring and through a small top down fire together.

Stacked and ready to go

Top of the stack is lit

So the fire burns from the top down in a pretty controlled  manner.

I enjoyed the fire and it was just cool enough to enjoy
Bonnies sister stopped over and picked the rhubarb along with her son Eric, thats them in the back ground.

Now for a little Deadliest Catch and then bed.  Bonnie called and they are having a good visit but a very busy one.

Calling it a day off to bed.


Up and got ready for church.  We had a good Memorial Day Service.  Today is a day to remember those that have served our country in the past.  Also a day as everyday should be to remember those that continue to serve our country and protect our Freedom.

Once home I watered the plants for Bonnie that were near the house.  Later I will get the other new plants.

Had my left over Brats for lunch and settled in to watch the Indy 500.  One race over and one to go The Coca Cola 600 from Charlotte.  I won't bore you with the details.

Hope you are having a great weekend and Thanks For Checking In!