Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yard Work--CC Hacked Again


No rain but overcast all day.  I caught up on things inside this morning.

After lunch I made a run to the post office and then jumped on the John Deere and cut the grass in the front yard.  Then I jumped on the big John Deere and put the box blade on it.  I leveled out a couple stump bumps and dug out another stump.

Old stump bump
 Ground is way to wet to be able to level these out and plant grass

This was an another stump
Then I put the rake on the tractor and racked out the stone in the driveway.

York Rake
 Bonnie got home just as I finished and fueled up the tractor.  She changed and watered her new plants.

Fueled up for the next job
Just as I finished I got an alert from my credit card company about a charge that I did not recognize.  I called and it was done on the internet.  They said it looks like another fraudulent charge and canceled my card on the spot and said they would send another.  This is the second time this year, sure hope it is the last.


Nice and sunny this am.

I worked on a few things inside this morning and made a list of online accounts that I needed to update.  Just as I was leaving for court UPS drove in and delivered my new card.

I worked at court for awhile and then headed to West Seneca to get the oil changed in the Honda.  It was a good experience.  The service writer met me at the car door and promptly took care of the paperwork.  He pointed out that at 9000 miles the tires should be rotated.  I said go ahead and do it.  He said 40-45 minutes and led me to the customer lounge.  I signed onto the WiFi and checked my email.  There was free bottled water and coffee and comfortable chairs.  All the others waiting were woman, where are all the men.  About 40 minutes later Jeff came in and said I was all said.  I paid the cashier and he showed me the freshly washed car sitting in the shade.  When I got in I noticed another cold bottle of water sitting in the console.  Very nice service experience and I hope it continues.

Once home I took out the floor mats and scrubbed the winter crud off them, wiped down the door sills and cleaned the windshield.  Then collected the trash and now its time for a nap and some computer work to update accounts.

Had ribs for supper, Bonnie has a meeting in Warsaw tonight.  Catching up on computer updates and a little TV tonight.

Oh Emily why did you do that.  Our cat brought a mouse up from the basement and let it go so that it ran in the bed room.  I got close but have not been able to dispatch it yet.  Bonnie is not home yet and its way past her bedtime.


Sunny this morning but it rained just after I went out to work outside.

I went out and took a load of supplies to the MH.  While I was out I ran the main engine until it was hot and moved it up a few feet.  I also cleaned up some inside and removed one of the cabinet doors that needed fixed.  I think it has dried out some and the joint split from the extreme heat.

Open joint

Joint on the back held the wood split
 I forced glue down into all the open joints and crack as best I could.  Then I could not find my 1/2inch pipe clamp.  I looked and looked, it was no where to be found.  I had my 2 sets of clamps for 3/4 inch pipe.  I finally remembered I had a piece of 3/4 inch pipe used as a handle on my Hickey, another name for a conduit bender.

 I took the pipe out and installed the clamp fittings.

All clamped up

Nice and tight joint now
Now to let it dry for a day.

Wow its Thursday and I missed posting this last night.

Thanks for Checking In.