Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What curves will the weather bring this week?


Great start, its nice and sunny and warming up.  Wash day today.
Not much to report on today.  It was a pretty easy day.  I did do a little paperwork.  We also got word that the final reservations for Disney were made by our kids in Alabama so we are pretty much set for September.  We even have Dinner with Mickey booked for the first night we are there.

Then off to court and we had a busy night there.  Finally home and off to bed after a bite to eat.  It rained hard during court and again since I got home almost 1/2 inch so far.


Overcast this morning, heard it raining during the night.  Had my breakfast and relaxed a little.  Then the phone rang and I got a couple messages that changed my plans for the day.

I headed out for the post office and the bank for court.  Then up to court to catch up on paperwork.  I had a trial scheduled but one of my messages changed that.  Still managed to spend 3 or more hours up there.  Then home for an hour or so and a quick nap.  The weather never did get very nice.  Then in to WW and supper at Elizabeths.  She called Robby and we did some more planning for Disney and some more reservations were made.  While they were doing that I worked on setting up Bonnie's new iPhone.  I did not quite finish so will work on it tomorrow.

Bonnie's phone is looking good

Finally we headed home and now its time for some reading and sleep.


Overcast again.

Planning.  Seems like I have been involved in a lot of planning lately.  Planning the TV install in the MH, then planning for the summer trips and campouts.  Planning today to go downtown and visit a friend in the hospital.  Planning for a trip to see my sister on Sunday and visit for a few days.  Then we all have been planning our trip to Disney in September.  I also started working on a trip to our time share in the Caymans for next year.  I will be glad when the planning ends and the playing starts.

Spending the morning programing and setting up Bonnies iPhone so it has what she likes on it and it is easy to use.

Plans also change.  Looks like my friend will be released from the hospital and I now plan to visit him at home tomorrow.  So I went out and worked on the TV in the front of the MH to box in under the TV and make a spot for the BLU-Ray player.  Still had a little time so I topped off the coolant in the generator.

Tucked in the front of the MH

Mixed the coolant and distilled water 50/50
I wanted to change the oil but it was looking like it would rain.  It was after 1 so I decided to head in for lunch, but first a quick tour of the woods to check on storm damage.

One of many trees down, the neighbor has many down also
Had some lunch watched a TV show and the sun was out so I headed out to change the oil.  Wow its 73.

Ready to dive under and drain the oil
Changing the oil saves a good amount of money, is easy, but it is a bit messy as the filter is up inside the generator box.  Bonnie got home from a class she was taking just as I finished putting in the oil and checked no leaks.  I cleaned up, put away the tools and headed in.

Not much else planned this evening so will go ahead and post this.