Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day and beyond


Well the girls were on the road early this morning and should be back home by 3:30pm, depends how many stops they make.

I repaired Bonnie's fountain last night and let the glue dry overnight.  Today I assembled it put water in it and gave it a try.

It works
 Then I jumped on the mower and cut the back yard.  For not having any rain it sure is growing fast.

Looks more like a hayfield
Now its time to jump in the shower and head over to the family campground to see everyone.  The girls should be back in town after 3 and they plan to have a cook out at Elizabeths so I will then head over there.

When I arrived at the campground on the farm a few people had already gathered.

The early arrivals.
 But soon a few more emerged from the woods and it was time to eat.

Lunch time
 The campground now belongs to Bonnie's brother Brian and he has continued the annual get togethers for Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Today was a smaller group than usual but still a good turn out.

Jackson is enjoying the dip for his strawberries without the berries

Eating as much as he can while Dad talks to someone else.
 Bonnie and the girls got back to Elizabeths around 3:30, they were too tired to stop and so I said my good byes and headed over to Elizabeths.  We had steak done on the grill with some grilled asparagus.  Then I helped Alexus put together a storage unit for her room.  Boy it was hot up in her loft.  But we got it done.

Putting the new Ikea unit together.
 We each headed home then and Bonnie was glad to finally be home.  We carried in her stuff and I got in to some cooler clothes.

Finally home
Bonnie put her stuff away, took a shower and headed for bed, exhausted.  Back to work for her in the morning she has 18 work days left until she retires.

Bed time for me now.


Well the thunderstorm and hail woke me at 5am this morning, but it only last all of 10 minutes maybe, .04in. of rain in the gauge.  Rolled over till 730.

Headed up to court after breakfast.  But before I left I cut up a watermelon and put it in the frig.

Slicing and dicing

All packed ready for a chill

While I was up there the sky got very dark and there was a severe thunderstorm watch issued with hail.  The Hwy Super let everyone pull their car into the garage.  We got lots of rain but no hail, better safe than sorry.  I finished up there and headed home,  Still raining but so far a nice gentle rain.

We got a little over 1/2 inch of rain and now the sun is out I believe the front has past and it went from 80 degrees down to 70 and it feels nice.  Now the grass will really take off and grow.

Did some planning for the trip to Yellowstone today it is starting to come together.  Lots and lots to see going and coming home and once we get there.  Then off to WW, I lost, then stopped at Elizabeths to put a connector on Alexus's TV and had a salad with them.

A little TV when we got home and now off to bed.


Woke to the song birds again this morning, its nice to wake up in a park like setting each morning, something to be thankful for.  Its also sunny and cool, two of my favorite conditions.

Stripped the bed and threw the sheets in the wash.  Then tackled the credit card bill, I check all the purchases every month, especially since our card number has been used by others twice this year.  All was good and its set up to auto pay so done with that for a month.  Coffee and oatmeal time, and we have blueberries for the oatmeal.

After breakfast I went out to cut the grass but ended up doing a little more.  I took some things out to the motorhome since we are camping this weekend, of course they are forecasting rain.  So I opened up the windows to let it air out.  Then got the vacuum out of the garage to clean out a couple of the storage areas in the MH.  The bays that are warm seem to attack mice in the fall and spring.  So I cleaned them out.

Nice and clean now
 Then I screened a very little bit of dirt, it will take a while to do this whole pile.

Lots of dirt here yet to be screened
 Then I jumped on the mower and cut the front yard.  I did get to enjoy some of Bonnie's flowers that are blooming.

Wide angle shot

A nice close up of the poppy
I screened a little more dirt using the tractor and then about 2 came in for lunch.

Bonnie called and said she was going to be late.  So I boiled eggs and macaroni to make tuna macaroni salad when she got home.

The salad was good and its quite pleasant out if the rain does not materialize we should have a good weekend for our campout..

Thats about it for the first part of this week, hope to do a little more planning on the itinerary tonight.

Thanks for Checking In.