Sunday, May 13, 2012

Valley Forge then headed home for Mother's Day


Nice and sunny today.  Last week on Undercover Boss we watched and learned about the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory Company, yesterday we stopped on our way to the show and picked up a couple.  They were very good.

Very good and 2 for $1.00
Today we are having home made noodles for supper so Sharon had to make them this morning so that they could dry.

Supper in the making
Later this morning we plan to head over to Valley Forge National Park.

Valley Forge
12 men stayed in these huts that they built themselves
Inside was about 12X12 with 12 bunks

Written reports said they were comfortable 
There were over 1000 of these huts in the encampment.

George Washington's HQ at Valley Forge

 They told us there are no records of which room George Washington used

One of the bedrooms

This one is set up like it was General Washington's

Another office/bedroom

The large hearth in the kitchen next to the house
One of the statue's of George

Two of his officers huts

Taking the shortcut back to the car

We had a light lunch here
I think you could easily spend several days at Valley Forge and maybe still not see it all and certainly not read all the signs.  We had a good day and the weather was perfect.

My nephew and his wife came for supper and we all had at least two helpings of the chicken and home-made noodles.  We topped that off with a nice bowl of ice cream for dessert.  I enjoyed visiting with them and they will soon be first time parents in September.  They also brought their dog Libby over and she is well mannered and it was fun to meet her.

I have enjoyed my visit here and tomorrow plan to head home.


Went to bed a little early last night and was up at 6:30 this morning.  Had a nice breakfast and then showered and packed my stuff.  I said good by and thanks to my sister and headed north about 8:30am.  I took a different route home and had planned to stop in Tioga, PA at Ives Run to see a fellow blogger.  But when I stopped for lunch I read her blog and saw that they were out running around today.  So I passed them by and got home around 3pm.  I ran into a detour in Mt Morris that was not there when I left last Sunday.  That took me a little longer to get around since it was a bridge.  Then I stopped at Lantz's bulk food and picked up some ham salad.  Then stopped and got a little bit of gas.

Total round trip 671 miles
Good to be home but I am tired now.  Grass is long so will have to cut that soon.


Nice and sunny today, hope to cut some grass.  Bonnie is up and gone headed to a Mother Daughter breakfast with Elizabeth and later today a dinner at our church.

I am heading up to court to catch up.  Spent a few hours up there and then back home.  Had a little lunch and then headed down to fill up some gas cans for the lawn tractor.  Jumped on the tractor and cut all the grass that was dry enough to cut.  Some of it was a good 8 inches tall.  Made a mess but no other choice.

Cutting the grass made a real mess today

Lots of flower seeds on the rhubarb 
After I finished the grass I decided to go ahead and start the wash.  Bonnie got dressed and her and her mom went over to the dinner in Attica.  Spent some time catching up on TV and watched some of the Darlington Race.  Then off to bed.


Happy Mothers Day!

I stayed up until midnight and then got a call and had to go into "work" for a couple hours, so did not get a real good nights sleep.

After church today we are invited into my daughters, she is cooking dinner to celebrate Mothers Day.
Church was nice today with some nice extras as a tribute to Mother's.

Bonnie wanted to stop at ACE and pickup a soaker hose and some hose fittings so we did that.  Then had a salad lunch.  She also picked some of the Rhubarb and made some sauce and a cake out of it.

Now we have settled into watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Later we head into Elizabeth's for dinner.

Rhubarb Cake
We had a nice dinner on the deck and lots of variety.

Beef, fish and Chicken
After dinner we did a Google+ Hangout with my son and family in Huntsville.  Then we headed home.  Bonnie is calling it a night and I am set to watch the finale of Survivor.

Its been a great week and I have done and seen a lot.  Thanks for Checking In and I hope all the Mothers had a great day.