Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A week to relax in Orlando


We both slept in this morning and once up had a leisurely breakfast.  I called and made reservations for an air boat ride at 3:30.  In checking the area I also found a fort to visit.

The boat ride is on and near the St Johns river in Christmas Florida.  So we decided to leave early and also visit Fort Christmas.  It was build in the 1860's as a fort to hold supplies for the army.  It was only used for a few months.  Here are a few pictures of the park and the fort.

Visitors Center

Lots of Spanish Moss 
Rebuild fort replica

Front gate of the Fort

It was a beautiful park
Then we moved on to Airboat Rides at Midway.  We were early and we had time to visit all the displays and exhibits.

Right on the river

Meet Pork Chop their pet pig.  She really enjoyed belly rubs 
The water is high and these small gators were on the lower deck

Down the path in the boat to the river

Lots of birds like this Blue Heron

Whats that ahead

Yep cows that live in the swamp right in the water

Spotted our first Gator

Into the Cypress grove

Some times the water gets really high and this is dry ground in the fall and winter

These are two air plants

Gator high and dry about a 12 footer

Looks like he is grinning 

This is a farm raised gator that you can hold and examine

And Bonnie did
Bonnie had not been looking forward to the airboat ride, but afterwards said it was one of the most relaxing experiences she ever had and that she really enjoyed it.

It was getting late so we headed back toward the condo.  On the way back we decided to stop for dinner and we picked Chinese.

Bonnie's Seafood in a birds nest
She found this in her cookie

My General Tso's Chicken

Right on!  In my cookie

Bonnie wanted to stop at Walgreens to look for souvenirs and toothpaste.

Finally back at the condo to rest up for tomorrows adventures.


I forgot to mention yesterday that we drove by the Airstream Ranch in Dover, FL.  I have read about it and seen pictures but was surprised as we drove past it on our travels.

Borrowed picture of the Airstream Ranch
It was well after 9 when we got up this morning, I guess we both are getting rested up.  We decided to take it easy today and make plans for the rest of the week.  Then the fun started.  I got an alert on my phone about a charge on my credit card I did not recognize, here we go again.  But a happy ending by the time I was on the phone with the credit card company we figured out that it was a charge Bonnie had made.  She made it last week and they just got around to running the charge.  So we are good there.  While this was happening the bank back home called and said they had a fax with my signature asking them to send a large wire transfer to somewhere in Japan.  Sure glad they called as I had not sent them a fax.  They turned it over to their fraud unit and evidently they have had other requests also.  So alls well that ends well.  So much for a restful day.

We decided to go to a mystery dinner theater tonight so I made reservations at Capone's.  The setting is during the gangster days so we should have a good time.  Well time to get ready.

We arrived and were were greeted at the door by Bugsy Malone.

Bonnie and Bugsy
 Then Jewel came out and invited us in to the Speakeasy.  We had to knock 3 times on the door and give the password.  "2 Cherry Cokes"  Once admitted they took our mug shots and then escorted us to our table

 Capone's has been here for 20 years and we had a good time.  There were about 8 entrees on the buffet to choose from plus sides.  The food was good and it was all you can eat.  How ever the dessert left a lot to be desired.  It was a small piece of what tasted like store bought cake.

Then came the show.  It was a musical comedy set in Chicago during prohibition.  It was a bit corny but we had lots of laughs and enjoyed the night.

The dinner and show lasted almost 3 hours and since this is the slow season was half price.  Well time to get some rest we have a big day planned again tomorrow.


Another leisurely morning and then we headed out to visit Gatorland.  We took the kids there years ago and we all really enjoyed it, they still talk about it.

Its as old as I am. 
The Famous entrance
 Years ago there was a fire here and everyone was worried about this entrance but it survived

Young Gators

I guess they do not eat turtles, it climbed all over

Bird on a Hot Tin Roof

Colorful Parrots

White Gator not albino

One of the big old guys

In the aviary 

That little white bird kept coming back
 Then on to the gator wrestling show

Sah Ahhhhh!

Resting his hands

Taking a Nap

Big guy out in the breeding swamp

You looking at me?

This guys moved fast once the lunch arrived

We finished up the visit with a ride on the train.
After the train ride we headed to WalMart to pick up some bread and fruit for the last few days.  It sprinkled a little on the way home but not much.  It was 93 today and it felt like it.

Stayed in for dinner tonight and now time for a little TV and reading maybe the hot tub.

Thanks for Checking In.  I hope to meet a real live mermaid tomorrow!