Sunday, September 16, 2012

Traveling to Disney


Today is primary day so we will head up and vote later today.  I took the clean towels out to the Coach and decided to check the mouse traps.  Yep caught mouse numbers 14 and 15, I thought there were more but Bonnie said 15 and and she was right.  Guess I was thinking of the ones in the house also.
Bonnie did some yard work and watered the plants some.  I took the newsletters that needed to be mailed down to the post office and checked to make sure they got my online request to hold our mail while we are gone, all set.

We are pretty much ready to head to Disney except for packing, that usually does not take me to long.

We made it up to vote after lunch and then took it easy the rest of the day.  We watched TV in the evening then read a little before bed.  A slow day next week I will be trying to find time to relax and write.


Up this morning and a call from my DD to remind me to check in on line for the flights, Group B #41.

Then started working on my check lists of things to do.  We have most of our bills on auto pay or we pay a couple online that are not set up.  School taxes are due shortly after we return so have to remember that.  I still need to pack but have started to accumulate stuff.

Now its off to the bank and court to take care of last minute things.

Well the bags are packed and the trash is taken out.  Now to get some sleep and head for the airport early in the morning.  The alarm is set for 4 am.  Good night all.


The alarm clock woke me at 4AM and we were on our way to Elizabeths by 4:45.  We had no problem getting to the airport and the shuttle picked us up right at the back of the car.  No problem checking in and we had a short wait at the gate before we boarded.

All smiles early in the morning
The first flight was to Chicago's, Midway airport.  We did not even have to get off the plane and we were soon completely full and on our way.  Right on time into Orlando and we waited a short time for Robby as we watched the long lines for the Disney Express.

Waiting for Robby's family
 Here they come.
Just before the hugs
 Finally we are all together ready to board the bus.

Let the fun begin
After the half hour bus ride the checkin at the resort went quick.  Who should check us in but a Buffalo State Intern working here for her work experience, Its a Small World After All.  The rooms we are in just opened today and we are the first to stay in them.  Time for a quick nap.  No luggage yet.

We had dinner reservations for Chef Mickeys at 8:35, long day.  We did a quick visit to the Magic Kingdom and then over to the Contemporary Resort for dinner.  Back in the room late.  The hot water dribbles out of the shower but I did get wet.  Now its after midnight and I need to get to sleep.  We have early reservations for breakfast.  I will add pictures tomorrow.

Its 6:30am and we are up to start the day.  Here are some pictures from last night

All aboard for the Magic Kingdom

Cousins headed to see Mickey

No idea who the guy on the right is

Reagan spots Minnie Mouse

On Main Street

So Happy to be on the people mover

Waiting for the monorail

At Chef Mickey's

Cousins Harrison and Alexus

Gracie and Goofy

Headed back to the park at 7:30am for breakfast and then lunch at the Crystal Palace.

Leaving the resort at 7:30am

Kisses from a couple cuties on the bus
We made it to the monorail on time and then rode it to the Grand Floridian in time for our 8:30 breakfast with more Disney characters, the kids really like this.  Reagan likes them as long as they keep their distance.

I made it into a picture with the Mad Hatter

The kids like beacon
The food has been good at the resorts and we have a meal plan so that has worked out.  They even have a low buffet line for the kids to get their own food.

Then we headed to the Magic kingdom again.

Checking in to the park

Then we took the train

Some rode the tea cups

We all watched a 4D movie with classy glasses
Then we headed to the Crystal Palace for lunch.  Bonnie got to meet one of her favorite characters.

Yep Eyore

After lunch we had fast passes for Splash Mountain and had a good ride on that.

Robby and I look calm
After that it started to rain hard and most of us headed to the resort to rest up a little and use the pool.

Its hard on my old legs here at the resort but seeing the kids enjoy it sure makes it worth while.

Happy Happy at lunch
Well time to rest a little more and get this posted.  Thanks for Checking in.

Hey the Buffalo Bills beat Kansas City today a great day!