Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Camping


I was up early and signed on to finish my online Driver Improvement Course for saving on insurance.  This was almost a painful experience because it went at such a slow pace.  It took another 3 hours this morning but I finally finished.  It said there was a final exam but I got an email saying congratulations on completing the course.  So now to wait for the certificate in the mail.

Bonnie finished staining the shed today and also baked some cookies.  I picked up some gas for the mower and also went up to court for a while. Then came home and cut grass.  Again it was not that hot today but boy was it humid again.  We even had a severe thunderstorm warning but we never got any rain, although we could hear the thunder.


We had the coach loaded and ready to pull out for a weekend campout with our camping group.  We stopped at the top of the hill and hooked up the CRV to tow.  It was only a short trip to Grand Island and we were there and set up by 2pm.  Then we visited with the group until 5 when we headed for a fish fry.  Dinner was good and then I spent the evening around the campfire catching up on all the news.  Finally headed to bed around midnight.


Well it rained hard off and on all night.  Bonnie was to walk in a charity walk this morning with her sister, but she canceled when they called.  Then we heard the walk was canceled because of the rain.  Our campout hosts decided to deliver breakfast to each of the coaches as it was to wet to take everything to the pavilion.  It was nice to have 'Meals on Wheels' knock on the door with eggs, sausage, biscuits, and gravy They were served hot and dry in the rain and were delicious.

Caroline came to say good morning in the rain

Bob and John delivered breakfast
Great breakfast
We decided to watch a movie and let the rain pass by, then do a little exploring.

Just down the road are the remains of a Nike Missile Base

Good use of the old base that once protected the area
Then we headed to lunch.

Shrimp PoBoy

After that we visited Kelly's Country store and picked up some jar candy and fudge.  Then back to the coach to rest up and watch another movie.  The rain has stopped but it is still damp and cool.

The rest of the afternoon turned out to be beautiful as we sat out and visited with others in our group.  We were just setting up for supper when the black clouds rolled in and dropped about 10 to 15 minutes of rain on us before the blue skies and sun returned.  By the time supper was ready it was beautiful and dry again and we enjoyed a very nice meal outside again.

It was dark by the time we cleaned up so we visited a bit and then headed for the coaches, no campfire tonight


A nice cool night for sleeping and a beautiful morning when we woke up.  We gathered for breakfast outside again as it was so nice out.

Smiling faces at breakfast
 Some of the dogs got to come.

Daisy Mae
 And some had to stay in their coach

Murphy (so sad)

In no hurry to leave we had time to chat
Then it was time for the good byes.

See you on down the road
 Once home the House on Wheels got to park on her new concrete pad

New home
Once home we called Elizabeth and told her I could get her brakes done today.  So she came out and I spent the afternoon changing brakes while the Buffalo Bills lost to the Jets.

PB Blaster to get the old loose and off

On with the new
 While I did the brakes Alexus picked up the extra concrete and we got it out of the driveway

Extra concrete all picked up.
Thats about it we are headed for church this evening and then home to rest.