Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Week

Monday Labor Day

Up this morning and before I knew it we headed over for the Maynard family reunion.  We had a good turnout and as usual lots and lots of food.

Lots of family

The kids had fun with the Hula Hoop
The plastic hoop introduced by Wham-o in 1957 is still a hit with the kids.  Actually in one form or another the hoop has been around for many centuries.

We were stuffed when we headed home.  The forecast had been for rain this afternoon instead it it hot and humid.

Hard to believe its Labor Day which is the unofficial end of summer here in Western New York.  Folks are closing their pools and start preparing for winter.


Up early this morning and off to see the dentist, for one filling.  Then home, it will be a sad day today.  Emily our cat will be put to sleep this afternoon if she lives that long.  She has been sick for a while and we are both ready to make sure she is not suffering.  She seems at peace but seldom moves and is just not herself, so the time has come.

It was a sad afternoon here and we have buried her under a big tree upon the hill a nice peaceful area of the yard.  Elizabeth and Alexus came for supper and were here when I buried Emily.


It was strange today not to have our cat greet us in the morning.  It will take a while to used to not having her here.  I signed up and started taking an online Driver Improvement Course from AARP today.  It is to reduce our insurance.  We take one every 3 years.  Bonnie took hers just before she retired at work.  This is the worst online course I have ever taken.  It takes 8 hours and there is maybe an hour and a half of material.  I finished 4 of the 8 units today and that was all I could stand.  You have to keep hitting the next key about every 30 seconds I guess to make sure you are awake.  And before each chapter quiz you have to call a toll free number to repeat a phrase for voice verification to make sure it is you taking the course.  What a pain.  With any luck I will finish tomorrow.

I also had to make a run to Warsaw to pick up prescriptions and some boards for the shed.  Bonnie had a dentist appointment so we were both gone most of the afternoon.  It was cooler today but very humid.  I am hoping for low humidity and cooler temps so I can get some yard work done.

Thats about it from here for the first part of the week.  We are headed camping this week end.

Thanks for Checking In.