Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last days at Disney-Moving to Cypress Harbour


We slept in some this morning and then headed for breakfast at the main building in our resort "Art of Animation".  The food is pretty good here and so far no long lines.

Then we boarded the bus for Animal Kingdom and some went to the water park.

Arriving at Animal Kingdom

The tree of life

Here comes the Safari vehicle

Ready for an adventure

Black Rhino

Caught the Hippos sleeping


Theres and Elephant trying to hide

Caught a glimpse of the Lion King

Rear view of a white Rhino
We also saw the show Bugs Life and went back to see the Lion King Celebration so Bonnie could see it.  The girls decided they had enough and we headed back to rest up at the resort before dinner time.

We used our dining plan for a quick serve meal for dinner and just ate in the room.  The rest of the family got back a little latter and then came to our room for a visit.  It was fun having them all here and catching up on what they did all day.  They soon left and headed off to bed, and thats what I am going to do now.  I did accomplish updating all our iPhones and iPads to IOS 6 so now I can explore that and see what the 200 new items in it will do to make my life easier.


Last day at Disney.  It has been a good week and has actually gone fast.  The kids were a lot of fun to watch and interact with.  Reagan actually came to me today to pick her up, most of the time she just teased me all week.  So we went to Disney Studios this morning.

This caught my eye
 Then we got to ride a ride that featured a lot of disney's famous movies that brought back lots of memories.

This was a nice calm ride
 Spotted this guy on the way into the Star Tour.  I thought we were going to see Hollywood Stars.

Spotted this Star Trooper
 The Star tour turned out to be a ride in this simulator that was a minute or two short of making me dizzy for the rest of the day.  But I survived and kind of enjoyed it.

Star Fighter
 Then Bonnie headed for lunch at the Royal Table with the kids and Cinderella.  Elizabeth and I headed over to the Indiana Jones stunt show.  They did a nice job of showing how a lot of stunts are done.

It was so hot and humid that we were ready to call it a day.  Elizabeth and Alexus both have colds or real bad allergies.  On the way out I spotted these two Trucks and snapped their pictures.

Some of the group with Bonnie stayed in the Magic Kingdom and Rode some rides for the kids.


Bonnie and Gracie at the Royal Table
Robby even had to get evacuated off of a ride.   Then the rain came around supper time.  We went and picked up something to eat in the rain.  Finally everyone was back and hung out in our room for a while.  We exchanged pictures and hugs and said our goodbyes.  We are getting up at 6 in the morning to head to the airport and then will pick up a rental car.  The girls will head home and Bonnie and I can check into our Condo at 4pm.

I am headed to bed as 6am will come early.


Up at 6am this morning, showered, packed and headed out the door by 6:30.  Got up to the dining area and they do not serve until 7am.  Grabbed a cold sandwich and milk before heading out to the bus.  The bus was loading so 4 of us got on the bus as scheduled and headed to the airport.  Elizabeth and Alexus headed home.  Bonnie and I headed for Marriott's Cyprus Harbour.  First we picked up a Hertz car I had reserved on Hotwire for a great price.  They were not busy and we chatted with the counter man about motorhomes, he wants one.  Then he upgraded us to a SUV, it has 1100 miles and leather interior, very new and nice.

Then the resort could not have been nicer.  Check in is 4 but we were in the room by 9am, in the new building with a golf course view and the condo is spacious and beautiful.

Dining area and kitchen

Screened Deck

Relaxing on the sectional couch

 Both bedrooms have a place to sit and read and are very comfortable.

2 person spa in the master bedroom

Nice views from the deck
We went to the Publix supermarket and have food and drink.  Now we are watching movies on TV with no plans except to relax.

Got word that the girls got home safe and Robby and family are enjoying their last day in the parks before they head home.

Two Princesses Saying Goodbye to Mickey
We decided that we wanted Stuffed Chicago Style Pizza for supper I checked on Yelp and found Giodano's, highly rated and award winning.  So I plugged that into the new Apple maps.  Even though I turned the wrong way out of the resort it got us there.  We almost ordered a large but the waitress talked us into a medium.  We could only eat half of it so we have another good meal to look forward to.  I checked on and downloaded a $10 certificate that we used, love my iPhone.

Started with mozzarella sticks

Delicious stuffed pizza
 Then back to the condo for the night.  Spotted this guy on the way in.

Little Green guy on the wall.

We both slept in this morning and then once we were up decided that we would go and look at Motorhomes today.  There are two dealers down here that I know about, Alliance Coach and Lazydays.

So we jumped in the car and headed out on our 200 mile round trip for the day.  We arrived at the exit for Alliance and found this.

Bonnie found some fruit she bought and I picked up some coconut candy.  Then we continued to Alliance only to find it closed.  I guess I read their web site wrong because I just checked it and they are clearly closed on Sundays.

So we headed South to Tampa and Lazydays.

Bonnie liked these planters
Lazydays is huge hundreds of RV's and at least 100 sales people.  It seems like a real class act.  We checked in at the front desk and Ron came out to meet us.  We went to his office and explained what we were looking for and he checked all the listings and found a few that were close.  We walked out and he checked out a golf cart and gave us each a bottle of cold water.  The golf cart was necessary as the coaches are spread out and sit in what looks like an older campground.  The grounds are all kept up nicely and the coaches are in groups by manufacturer.

Bonnie and Ron
Checking out a Vesta
This Journey was the closest to our wish list.
Ron spent about 3 hours with us and the time flew by.  He promised to keep looking and not to bother us with lots of calls.  We liked him and there was no pressure to buy, he did provide us lots of information and it was a good experience.

We headed back to the condo which completed the third leg of a large triangle.  We had the left over pizza for supper and now we can relax and decide what adventures to embark on tomorrow.

Thanks for Checking In.