Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day almost the end of summer


Early morning had another contractor here at 8am to bid on the black top.  Then I worked on a few things in the house until late morning.  Then it was off to Flappy's to have lunch with a former coworker.  We get together to catch up every few months.  We always have a lot to share and the time just flies by.  He was out west last year and is headed for an Alaska Cruise in a few weeks which we did a few years ago.

Then I headed to Lowe's to pick up concrete sealer that I will put on when we get back from Florida since the concrete needs to cure at least 30 days.  I got 15 gals but not sure that is enough, at least it is a good start.

Picked up 3 buckets of sealer
As soon as I got home I headed over to Merle's to pick up the two sheets of T-111 siding that Bill picked up for me.  They loaded it up and I headed for home.

T-111 to replace the siding on the shed
 Bonnie is going to stain it all Grey.  I picked up some sweet corn for supper and it was so delicious.  Also stopped to get a picture of all the sunflowers on the way home.  Once home I cut the sheets in half and I guess tomorrow we will try to get it on the shed.

Picture does not do them justice.
I was expecting another contractor to bid on the driveway but they called and said they may not make it until Tuesday.  So thats about it for today, lots of running around today.


Up early again this morning.  By the time I finished my second cup of coffee it was time to head to Attica to attend the funeral of a friend at church.  It was a very nice celebration of his life and well attended.  While in Attica we made a stop at the bank and then at the hardware store to pick up stain for the shed.  On the way home I stopped for a close up shot of the sunflowers.

Pretty flowers
Then once home I had a little lunch while Bonnie went to pick up Alexus.  Then I headed out to replace the siding on the shed.  Bonnie and Alexus would then stain it.

Off with the old on with the new

Resting up

Ready to go
Started on the back

This is the new side

The old and the new
One gallon did 2 sides and I still need to replace the corner boards.  So we think we need 2 more gallons at 24 bucks a gallon.  Elizabeth came out and picked up the pizza and wings Bonnie had ordered.  Now its movie time while Alexus gets her hair done.  The movie had lots of problems and we almost gave up and went to bed but a skipped a couple chapters and we were able to watch the end of "Broken Trail".


September 1st already.  Bonnie's car is due for inspection in September so I headed up to Becker's garage to get in lie to get it inspected.  Most of the others there had August stickers on their cars.  No problem the car passed with no problems.

Then I stopped at court for a couple hours and submitted my monthly report and headed home.  Bonnie was busy baking and I did some computer work.  Then we talked and decided since the coach was repaired and home and the calendar was clear we could go camping next weekend.  Our club has a campout on Grand Island so I called and was able to get reservations.  The Branches of the Niagara is the campground and it has a zip line that Bonnie has vowed to ride.  Alexus likes the zip lines and I think they will be with us for Saturday night.

Bonnie fixed eggs and ham for supper, it was good.  Then I headed out and moved some stone to the edges of the new concrete to form a smooth transition.

Need lots of stone here.
Spent the evening napping and watching some TV.


Up this morning and headed for church.  Then we stopped at Elizabeth's.  She had been to Amish country yesterday and so we sampled cheese, donuts, pie etc and called it lunch.

Once home I got a quick nap and then it was time to head to a going away party.

Headed for the party

A good turnout
Safe travels to Emily who is leaving for a 9 month missions program called GAP.  She is one of the folks that went to the Dominican with Bonnie and now she will be gone for 9 months in this program.

The we headed to church again as a missionary was speaking and giving a report of her work.  She did a good job and it was interesting to hear of her work.

Finally home and now its time to post this and then relax.  Tomorrow is a family reunion, lots more good food.