Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Starting the Week at Disney


So it looks like today is the day blogger decided to make me use the new layout.  I still have not found my saved blogs.  Finally found them.

Looks like everyone had a late night last night as it is 10:30 and I am the only one up and dressed.  So I guess I was not the only one tired out after yesterday.  I think we are headed for Animal Kingdom today and I know we have lunch reservations around 1pm so time to sit back relax and see where the kids take us today.

Waiting for the bus to the Animal Kingdom

Finally the bus

The girls are ready for some fun

Finally at the Animal Kingdom
So we made it to the park and inside we figured out that the Sanas Restaurant was not in the park but at the resort.  Back out to the buses and a short ride to the resort.

Finally we made it to lunch
 This resort surrounds an area where the animals roam free.  We saw Zebras, Ostrich, birds, and of course Giraffes.
A lizard watched us eat from high on the window, he ran right up it.

No matter how tall you are the best leaves are a little higher

Good thing God gave them a long tongue.

Harrison spotted the hidden Mickey
Then is was time to head for the park.  After a brief drum lesson

Harrison on the drum

The girls with the tree of life behind them
 After a couple rides on the Everest Expedition which Reagan could not ride it was dessert time for her.

Time for a Mickey ice cream

We caught the last show for the day of the Lion King Celebration.
 Bonnie and I headed back to the resort and the others all headed to the Holiday Studios which has extended hours today.  We stopped to pick up yesterdays packages and pick up a few things.

Bonnie loves to hand money to strangers in these stores.
Then she and I picked up a quick service meal for supper.  I had a hamburger and she got a pizza.  We are in for the night.  Time to rest up for tomorrow.


We were up and had breakfast which is the first time this week for us.  Then Bonnie and I took the bus to EPCOT and the others went to the water park.

Made it to EPCOT
We went into one of the attractions and when we came out it was pouring rain.  We hung out in the gift shop for a few minutes and Bonnie spotted a hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickey
We found an open rest room and took shelter there.  Once the rain let up a little we headed to get some ice cream to let it stop raining.

These were a snack on our meal plan, we called them lunch
It rained off and on most of the day so I did not get many pictures but here are a few that we took.

We got to see a dolphin perform

Bonnie got a caricature done
 The rest of the family got rained out.  They closed the water park.  We got to see a lot of the attractions and ride a lot of the rides.  Late in the afternoon we headed for the Wilderness Lodge to hang out for a while.  We then took the boat over to the Wilderness Campground to Pioneer Hall for the Hoop De Doo show.
On the boat

Ready for the show

Playing the wash board with the spoon
The show was good and the food Chicken and Ribs was good also.  We all had a good time and were able to catch a bus back to our resort and we were the first stop.  Its late everyone is worn out and so we are off to bed.


So its 10:30pm and we just got back to the room.  I am trying to upload some pictures and post the Wednesday blog.

The morning started of slow and quite comfortable out as there was a nice breeze.  We all headed for EPCOT again as we had a couple meal reservations there today.

Once there the kids headed for Space Ship Earth.

In line for the ride
 Then we headed over for lunch

Lunch at the Coral Reef watching the sharks

Waiting for our table

Waiting for the food
 Then the kids went to ride and Bonnie and I headed for the international section of EPCOT

Pretty fountain Prettier Lady

Beautiful flowers
Then the rains came and we hit out from store to store.  Then we headed for the American Experience.

Fife and Drum Corp

They did a nice job 
Bonnie spotted a hidden Mickey on the Drum

Pledge to the Flag
 Then the Acapella singers put on a nice show.

Soon it was time to head to Germany for our dinner reservations.


Elizabeth checks us in

Everyone watching the show
Then we headed for home and caught a little bit of the fireworks and laser show as we were exiting the park.

Wow sometimes this vacationing is hard work.  There is lots of walking here and I think we are all overly tired and a bit sore.  Two more days in the park and still lots to see so its off to bed to get some rest.

Thanks for Checking In.