Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter Preperation


Up to bright sunshine this morning.  I got a call and ended up at court last night until 1:00am but was up by 8am anyway.  Once Bonnie got up I helped her order some prints so she can work on a picture album of our Disney trip.  Then she started the wash.

We went out together to work on preparing the Coach for its winter storage.  I put the slides out and Bonnie worked on the inside and I worked on the outside.  I brought the tires up to the proper pressure.

The little Sears compressor does a great job.
I ran the generator to exercise it and to power the compressor.  Then I removed and stored the tow bar.  Bonnie was about done inside so we took a load of things up to the house.  While up there she harvested her Quince

A nice Quince harvest
So the Coach is ready to go into storage this week and I think we will take it on Friday.  Bonnie headed to the house to continue the wash and put the Coach stuff away.

I cleaned off the new concrete on the driveway apron and sealed it.

Sealer equipment for the driveway.
It took a couple hours but the majority of it is done.  Once the Coach is gone I will do that area and then inside the garage needs done also.  Well time for some advil and then up to court for the evening.

When I left for court I noticed water on the floor in the basement.  Checked it out and it is coming from the overflow on the brine tank, part of the water softener.  Bonnie called her brother since he installed it, he thinks it is a bad valve in the brine tank.  So another think to add to my list.  I rigged up a hose so it will go down the drain if it overflows again.

We listened to the debate tonight even though we already voted.


Well it rain all night but I was happy to see that the driveway sealer had set up enough that it did not wash away.  I headed up to the bank, post office and court this morning.

Home from court just in time to take out the trash and head into East Aurora.  Bonnie had to pick up here photos at CVS, I ran to the bank while she was in there.  The we headed to weight watchers, supper with Elizabeth and Alexus, and then our small group study.

Finally home after 9.  I watched the Apple announcement about the new iPad Mini, new iMac's, new MacBook, and new iPad.  Its midnight still raining .91 inches for today.  I'm headed for bed.


Busy day today.  Bonnie and I left the house at 9am and got back home 9:pm approx.  Hope to have something to share with you on the the next post or earlier on Facebook.  Stay tuned.

I did manage to get the Coach registration done for the next 2 years
Also renewed my drivers lic.

Thanks for Checking in.