Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cold start to the week


So last night was our first night in the 30's since last Spring and tonight is to be more of the same.

I was up this morning but not dressed when the doorbell rang, quick pulled on my jeans and answered the door.  It was one of the blacktop guys.  They came to get their equipment and cones.  But also gave me a nice surprise.  They put topsoil in the V formed by the new blacktop.

Just needs seeded, raked, and rolled.
 There was dirt left over so they dumped it out of the way and I spread it this afternoon.  It is a bit wet so will let it dry out a little.
Almost enough extra dirt to finish the one edge.
So after I finished my coffee I left for Attica.  I was helping a friend winterize his MotorHome.  He had most of it done and we just double checked to make sure all the steps were covered.  We got to chat for awhile and then had lunch together, his treat.  It was an enjoyable time and went by too quickly.

Then home, which is when I spread the dirt.  Got a shower after that and I felt a bit dizzy.  My allergies have my ears plugged up and it makes me a bit dizzy.  Took it easy the rest of the day.  Since it is a holiday no court tonight and Bonnie and Elizabeth are canning pickled beets, they should be good this winter.  Thats about it for today.


Cold morning and saw frost on the lawn for the first time this year.  Busy day headed out to East Aurora for a routine Dr appointment and guess what.  Yep someone has already tried to turn around in our new driveway and backed into the island.  Steel posts will be installed soon.

Why does our driveway say turn around here.
 After a good Dr visit I headed for court and spent most of the day up there, seems like there is a lot going on.  The we were off to WW and I lost a little so it was a good week.  Then over to Elizabeths for a quick bite to eat.  I also checked her lug nuts as she seems to have trouble with them coming loose, but they all seemed good.  I did put them on with a torque wrench last time so they should stay tight.  Then we headed over for our small group study and were greeted with this beautiful table.

One of the members was bringing chili and Pam set a beautiful table.  Its was 10:30 when we got home so its off to bed for us.  Bonnie has an early morning.


Bonnie was up early and off to pick up her Dad, they are going on a senior citizen trip to a castle and lunch.  The bus left at 7:15am so it will be a long day.

I headed outside to rake and seed the "island" out front.  I got the Ranger loaded up and headed out just as it started to rain.  I stopped at the Coach and turned on the refrigerator to cool down for the campout on Friday.  So I raked and seeded the island and drove in 3 stakes to try to further deter people from backing up into it.

Driving in the stakes awful rocky under the surface
 I went and got the roller then and rolled this patch.  Then I raked it again to fill in the uneven spots.  Raining harder now.  Once more with the roller and then headed for the garage.  I was planning to vacuum up some leaves today but its raining to hard now so will head in.

We have leaves like this all over the yard.  Look how many are still on the trees.

Another area
 Bonnie had some chicken marinating and had asked me to cook it, so I did that for lunch and wrapped the extra once it was cooked.

This is a Quince on Bonnie's tree just off the deck.
There are a few Quince (click link) on Bonnie's tree so maybe she will be able to make some jelly this year.

Think I will watch a movie on this wet cold day and relax some till Bonnie gets home.  Bonnie made it home so now we can relax together.

Thanks for Checking In.