Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time to Winterize


It rained again most of the night but the gauge only is showing .08in of rain, so not that bad.  I have not been able to pickup any leaves yet as the yard has been wet all the time when I am home and have time.  After yesterdays 70's today it is in the low 50's.

It ended up being misty and it drizzled rain all day.  We did not do much of anything today just caught up on the recordings on the DVR.  I did go out and empty Mouse #20 out of the trap under the sink, will it ever end.  I also stripped the bed and made an appointment to get the beast inspected.

Now its time to head up to court for the evening.  The evening went well and I was home early to spend some time with my bride.


Finally a dry day.  I took the opportunity to set up the Cyclone Rake and was able to vacuum up two loads of leaves from out back.

Lots of leaves out back

The Cyclone Rake picked up 88 bushels before I had to quit.
The rest of the day was spend up at court.  Then to our small group meeting, after supper with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Now home and time for bed.  A long day that actually went by quickly.


Up early today lots on the agenda.  After a quick breakfast I went out and unhooked the Coach and prepared it to hit the road.  It was a pretty short trip just over 8 miles over to Becker's Bus Service to get  and inspection and chassis lube done.  I got there no problem and on time.

Brian put it up in the air and we both looked over the suspension and steering.

A view from outside.
 All checked out and in just over an hour I left with a new inspection sticker.  Brian is a friend also and a lot of that time was spent chatting.

I headed home and parked the coach so I could get at both sides to work on winterizing.  I went into change and Bonnie was fixing a great lunch so I took time out and we enjoyed lunch together.

Then I headed to the bank and court to finish up from yesterday.  Then back into the house to change into work clothes again.

Then out side again and I drained the Hot Water Tank and went through the rest of the winterizing procedure.  Bonnie came out and helped me pump in the "Pink Stuff" so we should be all set as far as the water and drain system go for the winter.

10 gallons makes a big puddle
I took time to vacuum and wipe out some of the bays where the mice had made a mess.  Having trapped 20 mice this year I feel fortunate not to have had any serious damage to wiring or plumbing.
I closed up the coach and put the compressor and vacuum away.  Going rate is $45-65 dollars to get this winterizing done, so saved some on that.

Time to jump on the mower and use the Cyclone rake to pick up more leaves.  I had time to pick up 4 loads before the the end of the day.  Leave count is now at 264 bushels, it hardly looks like I have made a dent.

Bonnie made a nice supper for me and we even had ice cream for dessert.  Time to relax post this and catch up on a little TV.  Hope we continue to have this warm, dry weather, maybe some wind to get the rest of the leaves down-------Then I can clean the gutters.  There is always something to do.

Thanks for Checking In.