Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clean and Repair, So Old and some New


I was up until 2am, just got a second wind I guess and did some research.  Slept good once I laid down.  After breakfast I got started on what turned in to a long productive day.

I had looked at how to service a water softener on the web the past couple of days since the brine tank overflowed.  So I took the valves and screens apart and cleaned them the best I could.  I followed all the cautions and carefully put it back together.  Turned on the water and no leaks.  I started a regeneration cycle and checked on it every 16 minutes.  No leaks and it seemed to work the way it is supposed to.  The tank did not over fill and it is now back in service.  I will have to keep an eye on it.  If the one valve is leaking it will fill the brine tank again.

Then I headed out to give the coach one last check as we are putting it in storage in the morning.  I checked the mouse traps and no more mice since I caught two the other morning.  So I removed them and put out some trays of TomCat and some peppermint oil to deter them.

Then I headed up to the garage and cleaned out my truck, it looks good, more on that tomorrow.

All clean
 I also put new wipers on the CR-V that my BIL pointed out to me had a $15 rebate so are really cheap.

Good ANCO Contour blades
Then I jumped on the tractor and fired up the Cyclone Rake again.  Just as the 4th load filled up the engine quit.  I dumped that load and headed for the garage.  Bonnie was at her parents still so I decided to see what happened.

Plenty of fuel.  Removed the spark plug, it looks good.  Checked the spark, no spark.  Moved the wire around that grounds the magneto to stop the engine and I had spark.  Turns out that the mice in the shed had build a nest in the engine.  There going in and out had rubbed the insulation off the wires and grounded the magneto.

Cleaned the cooling fins while I had it apart

Taped up wire

Rubbed off insulation
I rerouted wires and taped some up and it is running again.  Almost dark now so headed in the house just as Bonnie pulled in.  She made a nice supper and we talked and watched TV.  Its my bedtime now before I get another second wind.


I was up just after 7am.  I had my breakfast and Bonnie got up before my second cup of coffee.  Once she was ready I went out and unhooked the coach from power.  Then started it up and headed for Gainsville and the storage building.  Dennis had to move a few sleds but he finally backed it in and we put it to bed for the winter.

Backing into the winter parking spot.
After a few minutes visiting we headed home.  I jumped on the tractor and picked up another 7 loads of leaves.  Then I had to dash into the house as we had an appointment at 2pm.

Meeting Vince at 2
 We spent 2 hours with Vince and got quite an education.

Then we headed over to drive a motorhome that Bonnie like.  It drove very nice and I think we will be taking a closer look at it, soon.

Then we were final able to head home, but no time to check out Bonnie's new ride.  Yes we traded in my Pickup truck, the times they are a changing.

Bonnie's Honda Odyssey finally home
Once again I jumped on the tractor and picked up 5 more loads of leaves.  Finally done I believe and just in time as the rain has started and a big storm is coming up the coast.  That makes 31 loads and a total of 1364 bushel of leaves.  Finally quit because it is almost dark.  I would still like to cut the front grass but hope I am done with the leaves.

Then we headed into Elizabeths for Taco's and came home with it raining very hard.  So now its time to head to bed.


My morning started just after 4am when the phone rang.  I was up at court a couple hours then came home laid down for a little while.  It rained all night and was pretty foggy.  I got up again just before 8. Bonnie left to go scrapbooking with Elizabeth, she was gone all day.

Shortly after she left I went back up to court.  Spent some time working on paperwork and then went into look at the Coach Bonnie is interested in.  It rained the whole time so only looked at the inside.

Once home I worked on setting up the home link in the Odyssey so the garage doors will work.  Now I am hoping to head to bed to catch up on some sleep.


Up Sunday morning and we headed off to church.  Then after lunch we headed for the Olive Garden and enjoyed a nice lunch there.  Then it was over to look at the Coach that Bonnie really likes.  Well it was raining and cold again today.  Not a good day to look at the outside of motorhomes but good for looking for leaks and checking the heaters.  Elizabeth was going to come also and give us her opinion.  I also was contacted by an owner in Arizona who owns the same type of coach.  He was very helpful and very happy with his coach.

The heat pumps kept it nice and warm inside and we spent a couple hours looking over the coach.

Everything looked good I took some more pictures and then we headed in to talk.  They made us a good fair offer.  I have them my list of what I wanted changed, fixed, or checked.  They said that is fair and included in what they will do.  My list included all new tires and thats part of their offer also.  Bonnie said she really loves the coach.  So we signed on the dotted line.  Happy Wife Happy Life.

Once all the paper work goes through and is approved we will be the owners of a 2006 Monaco Beaver Monterey Pacifica IV Coach.  Here are a few pictures.

New to us Beaver Coach

Salon with the slides closed

Main vanity 
Double sink

2-Burner Stove

King Size bed

Bedroom dresser

Sitting in the rain
Well now it goes to the shop for tires, a window needs replaced and all the fluids need checked and replaced.  It will take a couple weeks so hopefully when we get back from Massachusetts it will be ready.

Well its been quite a week, I am exhausted so am signing off for tonight.

Thanks For Checking In.