Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A New Month


Up early this morning with lots planned.  First thing was to go through all the charge slips and pay the credit card bill.  Then I headed down the hill to the post office and picked up the mail.  Got it all sorted and looked at the priority pile.

Then I headed out to use the stone we had on hand and used it to cover the drain tile, got it covered except for the last 45 feet or so.  Hopefully Ed Z can bring down enough to finish that in the next day or two.  We had a message that the blacktop crew will be here late Tuesday or Wednesday morning to start on the driveway.

Then a bite to eat and finally climbed on the mower and got the front lawn cut came in and showered before heading to court for the evening.

Finally home, a bit of TV then bed, another busy day tomorrow.


Phone rang just after midnight, I had to make a run to court, was back home just after 1am.  Read awhile and then slept.  I had the alarm set for 8:30am so I could make it for lab work by 9:40am.  When I woke up I looked out and saw that Ed had been here and spread the fabric on the stone.

Just have to cover this with dirt now.
 Then just as I was ready to leave Jim came with the dump truck and a small load of stone.

Stone to cover the rest of the perforated pipe.
Now once I get home I need to spread the stone.

The lab was backed up and I just had enough time to leave there pick up Bonnie and then head to Attica to see the Dentist.  Dr. Joe fixed my tooth right up and rebuilt it, just like new now.  Bonnie also had an appointment for an appliance that is going to help her sleep better.  While she was being fitted I ran to the bank and did the court deposits and also stopped by the post office.

Finally home for some soup, forget working outside it is raining so headed to court.  I spent a couple hours there again and then home.  Bonnie and I listened to a CD session for our Small Group meeting tonight.  By the time we finished that it was time to head to WW, good news we both lost.  Then to Elizabeths to eat the subway sandwiches we had picked up.  Then quick head to the small group.  We had a good meeting.

Elizabeth's gas was turned off again today because the neighbor smelled gas.  So we stopped to see if the gas company had showed up to pin point the leak again.  We left around 10 as they said it would be another hour, seems there are a lot of gas leaks today.  Its midnight and she still has not texted me that they showed up.  So I am headed to bed.  See how relaxing retirement is.  Update 12:07 gas company just left all checked out no leaks, said they are over oderizing the gas.


Up early again and we soon headed into Williamsville for a semi-annual meeting with our Financial Advisor.  That went well and we headed to Colton RV to look at an RV.  Then we headed toward East Aurora to meet Elizabeth and Alexus at the Dentist, but we were too late and they were done.  So we diverted and headed to the Orchard Park Colton RV and looked at a couple more RV's.  One caught Bonnie's eye so we are doing a little more research on that.

We got gas on the  way home and Bonnie bought a few slices of pizza that we called dinner.  Once home we spread the rest of the stone in the ditch on the drain tiles.  Bonnie came out and helped me finish up as it was dark when we quit.  We expect the blacktop crew to start on the prep work tomorrow.  They were delayed at least a day by the rain earlier this week and today.  I will start spreading dirt on the drain tile if they do not start in the morning.  Or I can cut more grass, always lots to do.

Not an exciting start to the month but it is what it is.  Thanks for Checking In.