Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful Day before the rain--Time to Vote


Up early but I took my time having my oatmeal and coffee but once I got going I accomplished a lot.

First on my list was to scrap the garage door trim and then paint it.  Used a new paint that is both primer and paint.  I even got 2 coats applied.

Fresh paint looks good
 Then there is the clean up not too bad today one paint pot and one brush.

Clean up is done
 It was lunch time and I needed fuel.  So I headed down the hill to C&G for a couple slices of pizza and  to pick up a couple cans of fuel, topped off the Silverado while I was there.

Then I filled the tractor and Cyclone Rake and headed up into the yard.

This section is almost done
 I picked up 9 loads today at 44 busels a load.  The yard looked pretty good up on the hill still has a lot of leaves. The leaves were nice and dry today which makes them easier to pick up.

If only it would stay this way
 As I put things away and closed the windows in the Coach I decided to top off the water in the batteries, another step closer to storage.

All I have to do is pump in the water.
Finally done outside for the day.  I headed in to hit the rain locker and then threw in a load of towels.  While they washed I balanced the checkbook and paid a couple bills.  Bonnie came home from her parents and made a nice supper.  Then we relaxed with some TV and did a little on line ordering of things we needed.  One was a new water filter cartridge for the Coach.

It started raining after dark and is still raining pretty hard, no leaf pickup tomorrow.


We headed to Warsaw shortly after we got up this morning.

Hard to see but someone hit the one pole already and broke it off, bet that put a dent in something 

First stop Lantz's Bulk foods for Bonnie to pick up a few things.  We even got to visit a few minutes with Jacob.

Then back into Warsaw to the Board of Elections, we turned in our applications for absentee ballots.  The ballots were in and we were able to vote and submit our ballots.  Glad that our votes are done as we will be in Massachusetts on election day.  Then off to Tops and Big M so Bonnie could grocery shop.

I took Bonnie home and then headed to court to catch up a little.  When I got home the girls had already left for the Woman's retreat.  I jacked up Elizabeth's car to try to see what was making a rubbing noise on the back wheel.  Found the problem, it was rubbing on a shield.  Moved it out of the way and no noise now.

Alexus called and she is going to the school football game and I will pick her up after that and bring her to the house for the night.  Time to watch a movie and relax a little then go to school to get Alexus.


Woke up to a nice sunny morning the leaves were golden on the trees.  That lasted about 30 minutes and its been overcast since then and rainy.  Not much to report.  I picked up the vegetable share and then I worked up at court for a couple hours and then stayed in out of the rain the rest of the day.  Alexus and I just took it easy all day.

Waiting now for the ladies to get home from their retreat.  They are home and now it is raining.


Up this morning and headed to church.  A good message and lots to think about.  Then home and we took it easy for the rest of the day.  I had both the Bills game and the NASCAR race on the TV split screen for a while.  Looked like the Bills were going to win but wait an interception ended that.  Then Bonnie watched one of her shows and finally we caught the end of the race.  I worked on our chapter news letter and hope to finish it this evening.

Not much exciting to write about the past couple of days, sorry about that.  Two more weeks and we will be on the road again.

Thanks for Checking in.