Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family Ties


We were in no hurry to get up this morning so slept in a little.  But we were checked out of the Red Roof Inn and having a bite to eat over at Kings Family Restaurant by 10:30.  Then we headed over to Jeanette, PA to see if we could find the grave of the first Jae to come to the USA.  We found the cemetery without a problem.

But now what.  I had a phone number and reached the cemetery that keeps all the records for the county.  Mike was very helpful and called me back in a few minutes.  He had me stand by a large monument near the entrance and within two minutes on the phone I was standing at the grave.

The Jae Plot
A family marker.
Mike told me this marker replaced older markers a few years ago  John Jae on the second line was the first to come here from Europe.  We know he lived in Germany at one time.

We had an uneventful trip coming home and filled the car with gas for $3.29 a gallon in Erie.  We stopped for supper at Elizabeths and got home to the house at 7:30.  It was nice to see the trees starting to bloom along the way home.  Bonnie's flowers are in bloom also.

A nice greeting when we got home
Well I am off to make friends with my own bed and pillows for a few hours.


While we were still out of town yesterday I got a call for some court work.  So this morning I was on a schedule and headed up there before 10 this morning.  Then worked at court till about 1:30.  Once home I jumped on the tractor to turn over some more mulch for Bonnie, she was busy spreading mulch all morning.  Then I put the york rake on the tractor and raked out some of the dirt along the side of the driveway where we put in the drainage last year.  Bonnie fixed some fruit smoothies for lunch and I went in to take a break for lunch.  Then back outside.  I raked the dirt a little and then put the roller on the lawn tractor.  I rolled where I had raked and then put the roller away.  Then I cut the front and back yard around the house, some areas are still a little wet.  Time for a little rest before we head to our small group study.

We had a good class, Bonnie made a lemon cake for a snack and it was a big hit.  Alexus had an away track meet and called to be picked up just as we finished so we went and picked her up.  She placed second in the hurdles today and the girls won there meet.

Ashley our DIL called when we got home to let us know she was accepted in to a Nurse Practitioner program, great news all  around today.  Well time for some shut eye.


Bonnie was up first this morning and made coffee.  She was gone to bible study when I got up.  I worked some more on our genealogy and also caught up on blogs and emails.  Bonnie got home around noon and made lunch.  After lunch we planned to head to the woods.  Bonnie returned a call to her mother and I spoke with a friend in Batavia that has come down with shingles.  He said he was over the worst of it and was feeling well.

Then I headed down to put the log winch on the tractor and Bonnie got dressed to head to the woods.  We took the tractor and the Ranger.  There were two or three logs I wanted to get out of the creek before they plugged up the culvert.  Of course it started to rain as we headed into the woods, but we kept going.  All went well and we got the job done.

Bonnie worked the winch and I hooked the logs
This was a whole tree that was in the creek.

No problem for the winch
Once that was done I tried to move a couple other trees but I need to cut them up first.  Maybe they will become firewood for Elizabeth

The rain had let up a little but more was on the way, I was soaked.  Bonnie trimmed a little and I dumped the trimmings before we headed in.

I jumped in a nice hot shower to warm up and to wash my arms to make sure I washed away any poison ivy oil.  Then we pretty much watched TV and worked on the family tree.  My son called and we are merging our work so we can work on it together.

Well thats about it for tonight, I will get this posted, not sure where the week has gone.

Thanks For Checking In.