Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Time


Up and at it this morning.  We are alternating between sun and overcast skies.  I had my breakfast and read some email and blogs.

Time to head for Warsaw and see if I can get my license  updated to show my "R" endorsement.  The clerk gave me the deer in the headlights look when I told her what I was there for.  She looked at each piece of paper 3 or 4 times.  Typed a little on her computer and then walked back and talked to her supervisor.  Finally got my interim license, but it does not show the "R" endorsement but she says the picture one that comes in the mail should.  Now to wait.  Got my trailer plates renewed while I was there also.  So $37.50 later I may be all set, have to wait for the mail to bring the new license.

I went over to the county building and visited with a few of the people I used to work with.  Had a nice time catching up and hope I did not overstay my welcome.  Then I went over to NAPA and picked up some terminal lugs that I need to install my Progressive Electrical System into the coach.

Pretty hot and humid today so took it easy once we got home.  So thats about it for today.  Not an exciting day but I did get a few things done.  Just heard about the terrible tornados in Oklahoma, keeping them in our Prayers.


Lots of Thunder overnight but not much rain here.  Up this morning and it looked like rain off and on all morning but no rain this morning.

I spent a couple hours up at court and then came home and Bonnie made lunch.  Then I headed out to cut the grass, it was looking like rain again.  Bonnie painted her fountain this morning and I set it up and filled it with water, hurray it works.

Then we headed to Alden to pickup Alexus from track practice.  We all headed to Subway for supper and then on to church for our small group study.  It finally rained a little about a quarter inch.  Time for some sleep.  Tomorrow we leave on a little trip.


Up this morning just as Bonnie left for her Bible study.  I got out my suitcase and packed.  We are headed to my sisters near Valley Forge today.

First order was to make and pack sandwiches for lunch
Then I took all the suitcases and stuff out to the garage.

All packed and ready to go to the garage
Then I headed out to read the electric meter so I could send the reading into the power company.

I read the meter every other month
Bonnie got home just before noon and we loaded the hot dogs into the cooler, we were on our way.  Pretty uneventful drive.

They have windmills in Pennsylvania too, just like home
Six hours later we pulled into my sisters and she had supper ready for us.  Molly was happy to see us and was very well behaved.

Molly playing a little ball before settling down for the night
Well its been a good day, but all the riding is tiring.  No rain on the way down so that was a good thing.

Thanks for Checking In.