Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Road Test-----Passed!


Snow covered the deck and garage roof this morning.  It was 35 so at least it was melting.  Bonnie had a Dr appointment so she was out the door first.  I took a quick shower and then headed out to the Coach.  I started it and then checked all the tires and adjusted the tire pressures.  Once I knew everything was working I headed into the house.  Bob R pulled in the driveway about 12:15 and we headed out to the coach.

Today was my road test in the coach to get a "R" endorsement on my license.  In NY if your Motorhome weighs over 26,000 pounds you are required to get an endorsement.  I was surprised how nervous I was knowing I would be tested.  We headed into Orchard park and arrived about 35 minutes early as instructed.  We pulled in behind the cars in line and we drew a lot of attention.  It was not quite 2pm when we made it to the front of the line.

Bigest vehicle in line.

Front of the line

The test starts here
 The female examiner was very friendly and we chatted about RVing as she gave me instructions.  Pull out when it is safe and make a right turn at the corner.  Then straight ahead for a couple blocks and make another right turn.  Pull over stop a couple feet from the curb.  She got out and had me backup for about 50 feet (so happy I did not have to parallel park) with the 4 way flashers on.  Then 3 left turns and back to the start of the test.  She said You Passed!  Then she finished the paperwork and handed me my temporary License endorsement, told me to wait 7 days and then go to the DMV to get my permanent license.  So happy that is over with.

I think she enjoyed this road test
On the way home Bob and I determined that the exhaust brake is not working.  I am hoping it just needs lubed so I will order some today.  Bob was impressed that I backed the Coach all the way into the driveway on the first try.  Then we headed in to the house to visit with Bonnie and she made us peanut butter sandwiches and I made some coffee for Bob.

Coffee and peanut butter and jelly afternoon snack
We had a nice visit and he headed home.  It was so nice of him to go with me, someday I hope to return the favor for another driver.  Now Bonnie can get her permit and drive with me.

We had a few snow flakes today and then some sunshine, forecast is for another cold night.


So it was in the 30's at 7am when I got up.  So decided to use the rest room and then climb back in bed for a few minutes.  Next thing I knew it was 9:45, wow.  Got up and dressed.  Bonnie was still sleeping so I kept it quiet.  The phone rang for her at 11 that woke her and thus the day is passing quickly.

The little door on the Microwave is not opening so I called Orville's about that.  Its under warranty so they will be out next week to look at it since it is mounted over the stove.  Glad we extended the warranty.  It was sunny so I thought of cutting some grass but now its cloudy again.  Guess I will take the trash out to the road and decide if its dry enough to cut.

I was able to cut about half the grass, but before I did that I spent some time working on the Coach.
Since the night I drove it home I have questioned if the exhaust brake was working.  Yesterday when Bob and were both in the Coach on the hills we both determined that it was not kicking in just the transmission was down shifting.  So today I opened up the hatches to look for the exhaust brake.

Bed propped up and access hatch opened
I can see the top of the engine and the exhaust brake
The silver cylinder is what closes the brake.
It appears that the brake butterfly is corroded and does not move, so it never closes.  I soaked it with PB Blaster and will let it sit overnight until I have time to check it again.  I tried to move the lever but it would not budge.  Hopefully the PB Blaster will loosen it.  I ordered the proper lube last night and it should be here on Friday.  There is no good place to pry on the lever to get it to move.  This could be my first extended warranty claim if it does not free up.

I had just enough time to shower and then we headed to church for our small group study.  Finally home and time to get to bed.


Wow where did the day go.  Its after 11pm and I am just getting to posting this.  I got up and did my email and blog reading.  Bonnie was gone to her bible study.  I got dressed and ran down to get gas for the lawn tractor.  Then I took my acetylene torches apart and packed the bottles into the car to return to Batavia.  I had a ten year lease on them and now they want almost $300 for 5 years and I just do not use them that much.

All packed up guess I should sell these.
Then I jumped on the John Deere and cut the front yard.  It was almost 1pm by now.  I ran into the house and signed on to an online training course that was live from the West coast for court on Distracted Driving.  That lasted until 2pm.  Then Bonnie and I headed for Batavia.  I dropped her off at JoAnn Fabrics and I headed to Jackson Welding to turn in the gas bottles.  Then I was off to Tops to fill up the car, we had 90 cents a gallon off on gas, saved over 15 dollars.  Then Bonnie was ready and I picked her up and we headed to East Aurora.  A brief stop to pick up the girls and then on the EAWireless.  They were very helpful as 3 of us were getting different phones.  Lots of paperwork and a few phone calls and we had two new phones, one switched phone, one sold phone and one old phone no one wanted.  

We picked up pizza and wings and headed to Elizabeth's to customize the new phones.  I restored mine with the backup I had done and Elizabeth had all her contacts on her phone by the time we got home courtesy of iCloud.  Bonnie watched a little TV while we customized.  We finally headed home and everyone seemed happy.

Now its time to post this and get to bed.  Thanks for Checking In!