Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Parades and Food


Happy Memorial Day!

We set the alarm again this morning for 7AM.  Got up showered and dressed and then headed for Pottstown.  After a quick stop at my nieces we all headed down to the Fire Hall for a pancake, french toast, sausage, and egg breakfast.  They put on a pretty good spread and all the food was good.

Dan enjoyed his breakfast and time with his mom and grandparents
Maggie is a happy baby and spent a good amount of time with me

I did share her with Bonnie also
After the breakfast it was time for the parade.  We went out and lined up on the street with the others to watch.

The start of the parade
Then is was back over to Sharon's with a stop at Wawa for gas and at Home Depot to pick up some surface bolts to use to keep the heavy drawers shut in the RV.  Later on we will cook out and enjoy a beautiful day.

Phil and Jennifer and their kids came over for a small cook out.  We had lots of good things to eat.  I have eaten way too much the last few days.  My sister has been making a lot of the things we ate as kids and I have been enjoying them--a lot.  Its been a good day and a great visit down here.  The time has gone way to fast and tomorrow we head back home.


We got up this morning had our breakfast, packed and loaded up the car.  After saying our good-byes we loaded up the car and headed north.  It rained pretty much the whole way home.

The view for most of the day
There were a few breaks in the rain and then the scenery was really nice.  We took mostly 2 lane roads until we got to Williamsport and then we were on 4 lanes.  We stopped in Catawissa, PA at a quaint local cafe called Woody's place for lunch.  We had a good meal and a nice break in the drive.  Its nice taking the back roads when you are not in a hurry.  Once back on the road we made it home around 5:15 and unloaded the car.  Bonnie went right to work and planted the bleeding hearts she had dug up this morning at Sharon's.

Then we started to relax and catch up on the recorded programs.  Lots of rain here tonight it has been raining hard, the rain gauge shows 1.61in right now.


Up early this morning Bonnie was up and the TV woke me, at least I was half awake and it finished the job.  Had breakfast and she left for Bible Study.  I got dressed and ran down the hill in the car to get gas for the mower and stopped to pick up the mail at the Post Office.  Once home I open up the Coach and ran the generator for a while.  I also installed the Surface Bolt on the drawer in the Coach so now it will stay closed as we drive.

All mounted and ready to work
It was wicked humid outside today so we spent most of the time inside with the doors shut.  Bonnie fixed pork chops and peas for supper.  We talked about some travel ideas but nothing firm.  Bonnie had a meeting to go to after supper and I headed out to see if I could get the satellite TV system in the coach to lock onto a satellite but no luck with that.  I did put the bedroom slide out and discovered a big storage area in the bottom of the closet.  We have our first camping trip in a week so we have to get busy and set up the coach for our first outing.  Supposed to be hot the rest of the week and the grass is growing fast and needs cut but its too wet right now.

Thats about it for the first part of this week.  Thanks for Checking In.