Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day


Raining hard when I got up this morning and has continued off and on all day.  That pretty much changed our plans for the day.  So we have been just taking it easy and watching TV and doing a little online research.

I left late afternoon to take care of some work at court.  Then I headed toward Orchard Park, I drove the route I am taking on Monday to the Orchard Park DMV test site.  I will be taking a driving test in the MotorHome on Monday afternoon and wanted to check out the route since it is through residential streets to get to the test site.  All looked well.  Then back home through East Aurora and I stopped for something to eat at the Chinese Buffet.  I did a little shopping and then headed for Worship Team Practice at Church.

The group was learning several new songs so it was a long night for us all.   Got home a little before 10pm.  Now time to relax a little before reading and bed.


Bonnie was on the go again early.  This time a trip to Warsaw to see the Chiropractor and do some shopping.  It rained all morning and finally cleared a little around noon.  I went out and put the new water filter for the ice maker in the coach.

It went in easy no problems
It only took a few minutes to change the filter but the it was already starting to rain again.  Bonnie pulled in and I helped her get the groceries into the house.  I finished stowing a few things in the coach and then headed back into the house.  Not much else happened today as it rained off and on all day and we had Severe Thunderstorm Warnings most of the afternoon.  No bad storms yet but some hard downpours.


I was up and out the door shortly after 7am this morning, way to early for me.  I went to bed early last night but did not sleep well.  The sausage we had for supper did not sit well with me.  So I headed for church to help with the Mothers Day breakfast.  There was lots of help so most things were already set up and taken care of.

Tables all ready to go
The cooks are ready.
There were 8 burners set up and 8 cooks to make omelets as ordered or eggs to order.  There were 8 woman at each table and 8 waiters per team.  The ladies filled out an order form that served as the menu also.  Then the eggs were cooked and the side dishes added and served.

This was the toast master he made all the toast and then cooked also
As soon as the ladies were all served we got to eat and then I headed to court.  Not much paperwork to take care of there and I was soon on my way home.

I napped most of the afternoon as I am just not feeling very good.

Feel a little better this evening headed in for a good nights rest.


Bright and sunny when we got up this morning.  Happy Mothers Day!

The Mother of Our Children
However it is a bit cool out.  We headed for church and drove through a little rain on the way.

Bonnie wanted to go to Holland to the farmers market to see her sister after church.  But near the end of church we got a voice mail that the market closed and they were home.  Seems they had rain, hail, and snow so they called it quits for the day.

So Bonnie and Alexus went to the house and I rode with Elizabeth to Wal-Mart to get propane and a water filter.  Then to her house to spend the day.  She is cooking and going to try to help Bonnie learn Power Point.  Seems like we ate all day and then had steak for supper.

It was all very good
Started to rain and it got very windy during supper.  Then alternated between sun and rain for a few hours.  The girls are still working on the power point presentation and it seems to be going quite well.
Well I am going to post this and take the rest of the evening off and enjoy the family.

Thanks for Checking In.