Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day


Not much rain overnight.  Woke up a little before 8 rolled over and next thing I heard the clock in the living room strike 9.  I got up and Bonnie was just getting up also.  Made coffee and my oatmeal.  Still pretty overcast out, thinking it may rain.  Bonnie went down to scrapbook and I read email and blogs.  Finally got ready to go outside and Bonnie was ready to make lunch.  While she did that I ran out and got the snow blower off the deck.

Putting it away for the summer
Then I ran out to get the mail and snapped a picture of Bonnie's stonework and removed one of the steel posts.

Looking good.
Bonnie has been making smoothie's for lunch so I drank that and then headed out to pick up a few branches.  Still trying to let my knee heal so am trying to take it easy.  I worked out in the yard for a little over an hour.  I did check the Coach and the water is staying in the toilet so that is a good thing.  The Lime Away must be doing its job.  It didn't take to long to pick up a load of limbs and branches that fell over the winter.

Enough for today

Ready to dump in my brush pile

All dumped, glad the ranger has a dump.
I headed in to cool down, shower and get ready to head to court.  So far the knee feels pretty good.  Ten minute power nap now headed up to the Town Hall.

Busy night at court, finally home.  Time to relax, read and sleep.


Short post today.  Got up ate and out the door.  Went to the bank and post office then up to court till early afternoon.  Got home and made a little lunch.  Had a meeting to go to in Attica.  Once she got home I changed clothes and went out to take out the trash and then planned to sanitize the water tank in the Coach.  But the phone rang.  It was Alexus, her track meet was today instead of tomorrow.  Back in the house to change clothes and head to school.  We got there in time to see her run the 100, she did pretty good and was in first when she went past me.

We left there and stopped at subway for supper. Then to church for the small group study.  We are finally home and I am ready for bed.  More tomorrow.


Up this morning, fixed breakfast and had a few minutes before she headed to Woman's Bible Study, then she has a lunch date with her Mom, and then a Dr. appointment in Warsaw.  So I am on my own for most of the day.  Going to try to sanitize the water tank on the coach again.

Started up the coach and it took a while to get all the warning lights to go out but finally we were good to go.  I moved it up closer to the garage being careful not to hit the garage, been there done that, still got closer than I wanted to.  I got out the white water hoses and hooked them up and started to fill the tank.

All hooked up to flush out the pick stuff
 Flushed out the lines inside the coach and fired up the hydro hot for some hot water.  No leaks noted.
I climbed in the bottom bay to check out all the valves, had to change one.  I took the water inlet screen up to the kitchen sink and cleaned it all up.

All valves in the right location and inlet filter cleaned
While the tank was filling I mixed up some Clorox and added it to the hoses to sanitize them and then sit in the tanks and sanitize them.  Later I will go out and drain the tanks overnight.  Tomorrow I will half fill the tanks and we should be good to go.  I flushed the pink stuff out of the ice maker also, next week I will plug it in to check the refrigerator and freezer.  I also installed our Oxygenics Shower head and checked it out.  Then I moved the Coach back to its spot for the night.  I will move it since the hoses do not reach.

I drained the gas out of the snowblowers and took the small one down to the shed for the summer.  Hoping the keep the cub cadet one in the garage since the mice like to nest in it.  Then I jumped on the mower and cut the grass out by the road as a test run, all worked well.

230.0 hours to start the season
Then on to the tractor to take the gas bottles out front to cut off an old pole anchor that has been in my way for 13 years, finally gone.

Dug down and cut off the old anchor
Then I moved some flat rocks Bonnie has been collecting down near the shed to store them.  While there I turned over and loosened some mulch for her also.

I figured that was enough for today so headed in to change.  Bonnie got home from her Dr. Appointment and shopping.  She brought home among other things 9 pounds of Sahlen Hot Dogs.

Best Hot Dogs in Buffalo?
These are for my sister and family down in the Spring City area of Pennsylvania.  I chatted online with her to see how she wanted them packaged since they needed to frozen.

All 62 vacuum packed and ready for the freezer.
I have been expecting a shipment from Amazon today and we just heard the truck pull in.  A couple things for the Coach, so more work to do for tomorrow.  Still want to open the tank drain tonight.

Well thats it for today, guess I will get this posted.  Thanks for Checking In.