Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring City, PA


First full day of our visit to my sister's.  She has been working on a project for me for the coach.  I saw something similar on the internet.  Basically they are slap bracelets.  On each of them are different tasks that you have to remember to check or do before you leave home or your campsite.  You put them around the steering wheel and once you complete them you remove them.

Just about to get started on the project
Setting up the sewing machine
First the reminders are embroidered
Here are the reminders before they are sewed into sleeves to fit on the bracelets.

Ready to be sewn into sleeves
Emma the inspector on the job
Cutting them to size
All done the bracelets are at home but they look good.
Sharon had invited all the kids over for supper so we had a good time with the young grand nieces and nephews.

Dan helps finish up what his sister Maggie did not eat

Bonnie and Maggie got acquainted.
Ellie came a little later but I did not get a picture of her, I did get to hold her for a few minutes but she really prefers her Mom.  We had a good supper and got to visit a little but all the kids headed home soon after supper as they go to bed early and all seem to be good sleepers for their parents.

Wow its quiet after everyone left.  We had a good evening visiting and watched a little TV.


Raining here this morning but friends back home are posting that it is snowing again.  Crazy weather all over the USA this year.  Poor Molly looks so sad with her lampshade collar on.  She tore her dew pad claw a few weeks ago and it needs to heal without her licking it.

I really hate this thing, how much longer
She does get it removed when someone keeps an eye on her and she is pretty good about having it put on.  It sure does hurt when she rams you with it.

We are headed for the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA this afternoon to see the Noah production.  Its only a little over an hour away.  My second trip and Bonnie's first.  Sharon has been there numerous times.

Almost time to start
The production was really good and the scale and size of the Ark was huge.  It wrapped around three sides of the theater.  After that we headed to find something to eat.  The first place we stopped was no longer a restaurant but it was now a ShooFly Pie bakery and gift shop.

So we went next door to eat but the wait was 25 minutes.  Back in the car and up the street to Millers Smorgasbord.  None of us had the Smorgasbord which was $23.95.  We had the specials and the soup and salad.  Then about a hour drive home in the wind and it started to rain as we got home.  Now just relaxing a little before bed.


Nice and sunny here in Spring City, but windy and 48 out.  Joe has gone to his gun club, Sharon over to clean a little at the church, Bonnie and Molly sitting together on the couch and I just finished reading the email.  Here comes Emma the cat but she is not all the friendly so does not sit with us.

Looks like a good time for a quick nap.  Well I got that nap in and then we pretty much just took it easy the rest of the day.  Sharon and I made a trip to the Sears Hardware store and market.  She picked up bananas and I was looking for a surface bolt to keep the heavy drawer under the refrigerator in the coach closed on turns.

Time for a good nights rest.


Had to set the alarm this morning, imagine that on vacation.  But we were up and getting showers and breakfast before heading to church.  Sharon likes to sit up in the balcony behind the audio/visual booth so I snapped a couple pictures of that since I help with that back home.

This is the video switcher on the right side
 They live stream their video and one person is dedicated to that.

Sound board and visual stations
One person on the left mixes the sound for the live service.  The man on the right mixes and records the audio, puts up the slides, and controls the lighting.

The service was good, we had a Marine Color Guard present the Colors, and then a missionary from Australia  spoke.  He was very good.  After Sunday School class we headed home for lunch and some rest and relaxation.

I think we all had a nap or two this afternoon.  Sharon fixed chipped ham BBQ for supper, like our mom used to make.  Then we headed back to church.  It was their graduation service for the kindergarden kids.

They looked so cute in their gowns
The kids put on a nice program and then donned their Caps and Gowns to receive their diplomas and get promoted to first grade.

Then we stopped by one of the church members house to pick up a few things for Sharon, and Bonnie grabbed a rocking chair to turn into a planter.

Bonnie's new project

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I want to say Thank You for All those serving our Country now and to those that have served in the past.

Its been another good week Thanks For Checking In.