Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some more maintenance and Grass Cutting


Nice quiet morning for sleeping in.  Got up and read email and blogs.  Then it was time to climb on the Green Machine and cut grass.  I did not feel very good but kept at it and about 2 hours later I was pretty much finished.  I cut about 80% of the grass and the rest I will get in the next few days.  I mixed up some weed killer and sprayed down on the side of the coach parking pad and along the edge of the driveway.

Just the right size sprayer
It was after 2pm and I was ready for some lunch.  Made a sandwich and was just relaxing when the phone rang.  Time to go to work, so I headed up to court for a couple hours.

I got home just a little while before Bonnie headed out for a haircut.  She made banana bread today and the house sure smells good.  The bread tastes very good also.  Almost time to head to church for worship team practice.

Practice went well and I was home around 9:30.  We got all the visuals set up and had some good conversations in the booth.  Time to relax and then hopefully get a good nights sleep.


Got to bed early this morning thanks to Time Hortons Iced Capp last evening, but thats ok.  So slept till 9 this morning.  After breakfast and blog reading I headed out to the coach.  Bonnie had a speaking engagement and had already left so I was on my own.  I had been putting off some projects for quite a while and needed to take care of them.  I got the tools together and put the slides out in the bedroom.

First up I wanted to lube the Pac Brake, it has been working good and I wanted to keep it that way.

Special Lube

Just a few drops on the pivot points
Next on the list was to reattach some loose carpet beneath the closet.  I needed to brush on some contact cement.  After it set up I reattached the carpet and used a hand roller to roll down the carpet.

Pulled out the loose carpet

This usually works good

Burshed on the cement

I can fluff up the carpet once it drys
Then I opened the windows and turned on the fan to get rid of the cement solvent smell.  Last thing was to work on the closet door latch, to hold the doors shut going down the road.

I made a small pocket for the latch to go down into.
Hopefully the door will stay shut now.  I figured I would let the coach air out a couple hours.  After an hour rain came out of nowhere and it rained long enough just to get everything wet.  I went out and shut the windows.  The rain stopped about the time I got back in the house.

Bonnie was picking up Alexus to take her shopping.  Elizabeth sent some pictures of a pig they are roasting for the ladies at Cornerstone Manor.  Just build a fire on the grass and set up the spit.

Pig is a roasting
The girls brought subway home for supper and then Bonnie ran Alexus home.  A nice relaxing evening and now off to bed.


Gloomy looking morning, looks like the forecast is for Thunderstorms off and on all day.  A quick breakfast then up to court to work.  I spent a couple hours at court and worked up wrapping up my paperwork for the month.

I had time for a quick chair nap and then got a shower and got dressed.  Tonight was the retirement dinner for our county sheriff.  There was a great turnout and a lot of nice presentations.  I was home by 9 and will soon be headed to bed.  We sure are hoping the humidity drops soon, just breathing can cause you to break into a sweat.


Great night for sleeping just the right temperature.  As humid and nasty as the days have been it has been good sleeping weather.  I almost rolled over for one more nap this morning but that would have made me sleep in and be too late for church.  So I was up a little after 8.  The girls went to Delaware for a concert so we don't have to pick them up today.  We never did get any rain yesterday and it is in the forecast again for today, time will tell.

Labor Day weekend and the Pastor started a 3 week series on Labor and Rest.  The sermon was really good and we are looking forward to the next 2 sermons.  Wow it is humid and quite warm again.  Still no rain today which is good.  My sister is making me some more reminders for the Coach so I had to measure the ones we have.  So I sent her a picture.

I wonder how wide it is.
I also brought the GPS is and did a little more planning for our trip next week.

Nice 7 inch size.
I checked for updates and it downloaded several.  Construction zones, new map update, and new campgrounds.  Then I added all the campgrounds we plan to use into the address book and by then it was time for a nap.

By then it was time to crank up the grill and do some cheddar wurst sausage.  Well thats about it for this week.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and we have a family reunion.  I hope you all have a good day of rest.

Thanks For Checking In!