Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good bye July


Well its the last few days of July 2013 already, where is the summer going.  We have had over 25,000 people view the blog, that amazes me.  Nice cool night to sleep again.  Bonnie was up before me and I heard her talking on the phone.  She had an unpleasant experience with a flight attendant on Air Tran yesterday and she was letting the powers that be know about it.

I read a few emails and then changed and headed out to cut grass.  Got the front yard done and then decided to recut the side hill.  Thats when I ran into the branch that blew down last week in the storm.  When I got close to it it was bigger than I thought and would need to be cut up.  I changed modes and loaded up the chain saw into the ranger and got it cut up.  I cleaned up the small stuff and loaded the firewood size pieces into the Ranger with Bonnie's help.

A few days of heat for Elizabeth
We had pizza for lunch and I finished cutting the hill as the rain started.  I lasted just long enough to get me and everything outside all wet.  Spent the rest of the day working on iBank setting up scheduled transactions and learning the best way to set up reports and redoing my categories.

Well its 1am going to hit the hay.  Hope to cut more grass and wood later today.


So I should have gone to bed at 10pm when I was tired I ended up being up until 3am.  I did sleep good then until 10am.  Then got up and got busy after some email and blogs.

Today turned into a cutting day.  We are also expecting Elizabeth and Alexus to come after work to work on their wood supply.

I started out by cutting some grass, I took a break to help Bonnie, she was cutting weeds and needed the metal blade put on the weed wacker.

She cut a lot of weeds today
While I was off the mower I also headed down the hill into Varysburg to fill up some gas cans and the CR-V.

Gas keeps getting more expensive
Then once home I finished the grass and got the chainsaw ready to cut some wood.

Already to cut some firewood
So I cut up some of the logs in the pile and got them ready to split later.  Of course today the trash needs to be taken out so I put the saw away and took out the trash.

Trash Day is tomorrow
Then I set up the splitter to split the wood as the girls are not coming until 6 and I want to be done long before that.

Ready to start

Done splitting for today
 The girls got here around 6 and went out and stacked the wood.

Another face cord for next winter
Alexus has decided to spend the night and is making brownies for later.  We all have to get up early in the morning.


Up way to early just after 6AM,  this morning, we are headed in to volunteer at Buffalo City Mission today.  Its the first day of retirement for a good friend, may he have a long long retirement.

Elizabeth was getting a new washer and dryer today so we had to unhook her old ones before we left for downtown.  Also the guys brought the new ones and helped hood them up before we left.  We need to do a little work on the dryer vent but they look good.

We made it downtown and dropped Bonnie off at Cornerstone Manor to volunteer in the daycare as a grandma.   Then down to the Mission.  I set up a spreadsheet to use for a mail merge and then got a bit of a break.  One of the guys is retiring and we got to take him out to lunch.  Then once we got back I sort a months work of donor forms and scan them into the system.

Used this machine to scan all the forms in, its pretty fast

Elizabeth spends a lot of the time answering questions

Another project completed
That was about it for the day.  I did do some research on a couple Outlook issues but am not sure that we found the solutions.

I went over and picked up Bonnie and brought her back to the mission.  Then it was the end of the day and we headed home.  Elizabeth made us supper and headed home after Wheel of Fortune.  I did get a call from a fellow RVer and we talked about some electrical issues he is having with his left turn signal.  I think he has a converter box that has gone bad.  If he does not confirm that tonight I offered to go over and help him in the morning.

The trailer hitch I ordered for the CR-V was delivered and sitting by the back door when we got home.

Looks like it had a rough trip
The box was pretty beat up.  I opened it and all the parts appear to be inside, just no packing inside the box.  Maybe tomorrow we can get this installed.  Bonnie said she would help.  Well I need to work on some of our financial statements so better start on that.

I will go ahead and post this.  Thanks for Checking In!