Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lots More Rain


The Hawks calling back and forth to each other woke me this morning.  Well this was my second wake up.  A spectacular Thunder and Lightning storm went by between 4 and 5 this morning.  After breakfast we headed outside to wash the cars, while I started on the cars Bonnie pulled weeds.

We did both cars
It had been overcast but the sun came out nice and bright once we started on the cars.  We decided not to work on the coach in the sun.  Bonnie decided to spread mulch.

Working at the mulch pile
I put the hoses etc away and then used the tractor to turn over some of the mulch pile.  Then I grabbed the mail and headed into the house with the wet towels.  I threw them in the wash and made some lunch.

At least 4 points
Bonnie took this picture through our back door last night, he was with a doe and two fawns.

I can report that I had a successful nap today.  After the nap I went down to put the bucket and car brush away back in the garage.  I decided to go ahead and check the pressure in the coach tires and all are right around 105psi.  Then I checked the mouse traps.  Two of the three traps had caught mice.  I think that makes 6, at least they did not get the peanut butter.  No need to rebait, just reset them.


Another beautiful night for sleeping.  Woke up on my own this morning, no crows and no hawks calling.  Bonnie was up a short time later and after breakfast she headed out to trim bushes and vines. I decided to sort through old computer stuff and see what I could get rid of.

Sorting through some of my "saved stuff"
I was able to get rid of 3 containers of stuff.  Lots of it was papers and records so I ran those through the shredder.  Its starting to make some strange noises so I think I am wearing it out after many years of service.  Then I finally took a very old laptop apart and got out the hard drive so I could throw the rest of it away.

Top of the Line in its day.
While I was out I went out and got the mail and then decided to check the mouse traps.  One tripped and licked clean.  The other two had mice.  One was just caught by the tail and was trying to chew up the trap.  He had to be dispatched and then I cleaned up the chewed up trap, looked like sawdust.  By this time I was soaking wet with sweat.  Boy is it humid.  So I treated myself to a Klondike bar and a cold drink.  Now hoping for a quick nap.  Then off to a picnic and program at church.

We had a real good picnic and program at church with a couple from Israel.

Lots of good food
These were the best sloppily joes I ever had and they were made with turkey meat.  The side dishes were also spectacular.  Then there were the desserts, wow.  I learned a Jewish folk dance and the information and message on what is happening in Israel were very informative.


What a beautiful morning, this is one of the many reasons we love WNY.  I went out to check the mail and the traps.  One trap was tripped but still has the bait and no mouse.  I am trying something new.  I put out a few bait blocks outside and under the coach so hopefully they will eat that and stay out of the coach.  Bonnie went over to see her sister and I watched Lonesome Dove.

Bonnie got home and I headed outside to cut grass before we get more rain later.  I got a lot cut where I could and saved some of the high ground for later.  The girls headed to the Attica Rodeo with their cousin for the afternoon session.

The new outfit and boots

Family Smiles
 They had a good time at the rodeo and stopped by to visit afterward.  We ordered Pizza and Wings from Prallers and then watched a movie.  We also had quite a storm and lots of rain in a short time .87 inch .

We got this picture last night.  Seems our two Alabama Granddaughters are budding athletes.  They both won 1st place for their age groups in a Triathlon.

Two Cuties

Church this morning was very good again.  It was raining when we left and continued to rain for most of the day I believe it has stopped but the rain gauge shows .79 inches.  Today was senior recognition at church and it was amazing to read what these young people have already accomplished in their lives and what they hope to accomplish in the future.  The youth also left for 4 days at Darien Lake for Kingdom Bound.  It won't be fun setting up tents in the rain or even if its wet.

We watched Dale Jr win the NASCAR race and listened to it rain.  We had lots of water in the back yard again, run off from up the hill.

Lots of run off
We had left over wings and pizza for supper.  I fired up the grill and grilled them to heat them up, boy they were good.

Our new favorite to heat up left overs
Well the rain has stopped for now so we are hopeful the kids will have a good time at Kingdom Bound.  We had another good but wet week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Life is not a Race, find Joy in the Journey"