Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy Week and no relief in sight

An other nice sunny day here in Western New York.  Of course the temperature did not make it above freezing.  Lots of phone calls today for various things, lots to think about and the pace of the day kept getting busier and busier.  Bill and Jeff came about 3:30 to talk to Bonnie.  She had planned to leave work early but got a new patient at the last minute.  So Bill did some measuring and checked out the situation in the attic to figure out why the ceiling pulls away from the walls in the winter time.  A situation called truss lift.  So I think he has a solution for that.  Then the estimator from the flooring company called and he is on the way also.  Finally Bonnie got here so she could let Bill know what she wanted estimates on.  Then she switched to Ted and he measured the house for the carpet and laminate flooring we are putting down.  So hopefully now in the next day or so we will get prices and decide how many of these projects we can do right now.  And to top it off Bonnie had to leave and get to East Aurora for a Doctors appointment.

Bill told me he started on the base section of the wall cabinets today and plans to prime them tomorrow before the end of the day and be here Wednesday to install them.  Then measure and build the top units.
Everything is starting to move along at a fast pace.  Hope to have some pictures by Wednesday night.

Nice and sunny this morning, still brisk and below freezing.  I'll bet the numerous Robins I see in the yard are thinking they came back north a little early.  Lots of running around to do today so I better get going.  First stop is court.
After a pretty quick stop at court I headed for Batavia for a monthly NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees) Meeting.  Then a stop at Home Depot for some supplies.  Finally home in time to round up the trash to take out to the highway.  Then Bonnie got home and we ran to WW and got there much later than we like.
Chinese for supper and Alexus and I watched a little TV and she produced a very creative Power Point for a class presentation at school.  She did a great job and is very creative.  I showed her a couple tricks for power point after she was done.
Finally home have to get to bed early as Bill and Jeff are coming in the morning with the base units for the TV Wall.  The deck light came on, I walk out to take a look and as I thought it is a skunk eating the sunflower seeds. When I made a noise with the door lock its tail quickly went up.  I did not open the door but it did not leave until I went to get the camera.  It was gone when I got back.  Its mostly all black with white on the top of its head.  I hope it is not living under the deck.  Well time for bed.

Well up early for a big day.  The base cabinets are due in today so I should have some pictures by the end of the day.
This is how the morning started
Its about 9:00am and I hear them pulling in the drive way.  Just after they came in with their tools and turned to go get the base units, the CO alarm went off.  I reset it and it looks like a false alarm the furnace  is the only thing that has been on today and it was off.  So I got out the vacuum and cleaned it out.  I also ordered a new one, actually two one for the main floor and one for the basement.
So the guys brought in the base unit and fastened it to the wall and sanded and put on a top coat of poly. Less than an hour and they are headed back to the shop to work on the top unit.  We also found we need to drop in another duplex outlet and a couple for cables.
This is about 1/2 hour later.  The doors are ordered and tops are being made.
Now I can start on the wall paper removal and then if the sun stays out I hope to take the snow blower off the tractor.
A former co-worker made this unit which inspired our design his has doors on the bottom now also.
Well I spent the day stripping wall paper and border.

This wall is plastic coated wall paper.

 It takes a while, the border was pretty easy, but the wall paper is washable and has a plastic coating.  I think I finally found a technique that will work and be easy on the walls.  Plan to finish that room tomorrow and start on another wall.  Thankfully we are just painting the walls, Bonnie says no more wall paper.

Still want to work outside on the snow blower and then maybe if its warm tomorrow I can get it off and cleaned up.

The mail man brought the memory up grade for my MacBook Pro so I took enough of time to but that in and check it out today also.
The inside of a MacBook Pro.  Lower left is the hard drive, to the right is the battery, above that the green boards are the memory surrounded by the motherboard, and that leaves the dvd/cd drive.

Thats about it for today.
Thanks for checking in