Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Tires and Clean Up

Good news the second storm never hit us last night.  My son and family were traveling in Alabama and Georgia and made it safely to Atlanta to catch a flight today to the Dominican Republic for vacation.
I am catching up this morning and at noon need to head to Batavia about 20 miles north of here to get the new tires put on the MH.  Then I will run down the Thruway one exit to check them and also fuel up at the Flying J, also need to top off the propane for the summer.
I arrived for my 1pm appointment and they took the coach right in.
It barely fit in.
It took a while but the time past quickly.  The wind blew very hard all afternoon and it was not a fun drive.  I pulled out about 4:45 jumped on the Thruway for a test run down to Flying J.  No vibrations and even with the wind I could tell the ride was much nicer.  I topped off the fuel and propane so we should be set for the first campout.  Next on my list is to de-winterize the water system and clean the exterior.  The wind finally died down for the evening even though it has really cooled off.
Time to head to bed.

Up and at this morning.  Catching up on blog reading while the washing machine does its thing.  Then up to court and the bank.  My sister, BIL, niece and grand nephew are in route and due sometime after 3.  Then my nephew and his wife will be here around 6:00.  Then we are all headed for a fish fry at The Lodge.  Its rainy and dreary here today so I will not get to wash the MH today.  I would like to double check the tire pressures to make sure they are holding.  I will then put theTPMS sensors on to keep an eye on them for me.
Never got to work on the tires today.  My sister got here about 3:45 and then my nephew around 5:45.
My sister holding Dan while he eats his supper

Dan is always ready to give you a smile

Dan with his mom my niece Jennifer
When Alexus and Elizabeth showed up it was time to head to the Lodge for dinner.  Most everyone had a fish fry and everyone seemed to really enjoy them.  These fish frys are pretty much a western NY thing and my BIL Joe really looks forward to one when ever they get up this way.  Tomorrow he plans to have his favorite pizza for lunch.  Still raining a little tonight.  Almost time for bed as I have training all day tomorrow.

Wow what a nice day, nicest day in a long day.  Of course I ended up spending it in a lecture hall at the local college.  Yep today was court training all day, required training but its only once a year so thats not too bad.
I replace the switches and receptacles in Bonnie's bathroom when I got home.
Tomorrow looks like it will be good also, so I will relax and look forward to that.

Rain, sun, rain is pretty much how today has gone.  We got up and headed to church.  After that once we were home I put up some curtain rods for Bonnie and some clothes hooks.  Then I went out in the yard to pick up a few limbs while Bonnie fixed lunch.  The yard is still very wet with water flowing through the glass.  After lunch a got a short nab in front of TV.  Then I went out to check the pressure in the MH tires since they are new.  I put the TPMS sensors on and so far everything seems to be holding pressure.  My sister made it back to the Philadelphia area safely and had a good time at the Wedding yesterday.  Guess I will get this posted.
Thats about it for today, thanks for checking in.