Sunday, June 26, 2011

Countdown 4,3,2,1

Up early today to wait for the State Farm adjuster to come and look at my torn tonneau cover.
Hey with the tarps down we got our front porch view back.

No call yet and its 11:00am.  Finally checked my cell phones voice mail from the home phone and there was a message that he would be here this afternoon.  So I went out and checked out the splitter and ran the old gas out of it by splitting up a little wood.
Ready to go (hey the MH is in the background)

A good start on part of a tank of gas
Then some lunch and finally the adjustor came.  He also found a small dent caused when the wind ripped off the tonneau cover.  He wrote up the estimate and I think I will be able to get a different style that will be much more durable.  I got a shower after that and headed to Warsaw to pick up a couple pair of pants and shorts that fit.
Then home and time to relax.  Then the phone rang.  My FIL more trouble with the Gator, now it appears the battery quit while he was moving wood.  So I will fit that into tomorrows schedule, along with cutting the grass and hopefully doing some wash.  Time to get some rest

Up early so I could get over to my FILs to work on the Gator.
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After a quick breakfast I put some tools into the truck and headed over to see what was not working.
No power the dump body would not go down and it would not turn over
I got the meter out and could see that the battery appeared to be fully charged.  So I took off the seats and plastic dust shields  so I could get at the battery easier.
Dad Maynard did a good job of supervising
I gave the battery terminals and cables a good wire brushing, checked the level of the water in the battery and put it all back together and everything seems to be working fine again.  While I was there I put the new fuel filter on and took it for a test ride.  So it looks like it is good to go.
Nice and dry in the barn, good thing it started to rain.
I ran up to court for a quick stop and then home for lunch.  It is raining off and on but I am going to try to cut some grass as it needs done before we leave Monday morning.
We are hoping to have dinner with our camping group as they are out in our area for a weekend campout.  I did cut a little but the heavy mist started feeling a lot like rain, so I quit before I got soaked.
We met our Chapter 12 Holiday Rambler Club at The Hole in the Wall reastraunt in Perry for dinner.  I had the fish fry and it was very good.  Now time for some reading.
Just finished eating time for conversation

The other half of the table

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain, there goes my plan to cut the grass this morning.  Bonnie left early to get her hair done and do some shopping.  I worked on my domestic duties and then went up to court to wrap up a couple lose ends before the trip.  Then I came home because we were going to a party for a 1st birthday.  Bonnie was running late so I worked on printing the route maps for the trip and the schedule for Creation Fest North East which is our first stop on the trip Monday.
Bonnie made it home and we headed to the party for Gracelyn.
The birthday girl

Her very own cake
Mom and Dad help her eat her cake
Proud Grandma
It was quite cool today but the rain held off all afternoon so that was good for the party.  We got home and I got a quick cat nap.  Bonnie was cleaning the house so I went out and cut a lot of the grass.  Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow.  Now a little TV time.

Up early for oatmeal and coffee and then off to church.  Bonnie stopped at Tops supermarket for a few things for the trip.  Then home for a quick lunch and she took off to shop with Elizabeth.  I got another cat nap and watched the start of the NASCAR race.  Then I started to lay out all my clothes, cameras and other things I want to take on the trip.  Also all the maps and tickets.  The rain finally stopped and I went out and finished cutting the grass.
Bonnie got home an packed things away in the MH.  Now all we have left to do is to pack our clothes and then finish loading the MH in the morning.  We plan to leave around noon.  We are supposed to enter the campground between 6pm and 10pm tomorrow night.

I hope my cell phone will work on the internet there so I can make my post on Thursday.  If possible I will update everyday but only send the email on Wednesday.  I also hope I can post pictures, all depends on the network.

I will go ahead and post and continue to pack things up.

Thanks for checking in, see you on down the road.