Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Down came the rain

First on this Memorial Day I want to thank all the Veterans and current military for their service, and their families for supporting them.
After I posted the blog last night we had a strong line of thunderstorms pass by here.  In about 15 minutes we got over a quarter inch of rain and by this morning almost a half inch.  Today however turned out to be beautiful.  We had a lazy morning and then headed over to the old family campground to spend the afternoon with family.  There are lots of younger kids again and they had a ball in the creek and the woods.  We had a good day and the weather was perfect.  Here are a few pictures I took with my phones camera.

We are home now after a great day with friends and family and ready for a good nights sleep.

Had a great day yesterday and a good nights sleep.  Now for a great week.  I have a meeting up in Batavia today at noon so that will take a chunk out of the center of the day.  Going through Attica is not pleasant with all the road construction, so will have to allow some extra time for that.
I am hoping for a nice sunny week and hopefully I can get some of this grass cut.  This year has been a challenge, first all the snow and now all the rain.  It does make life interesting and gives all around here a common thing to talk about.
Well I feel like I had a busy day but did not really accomplish a lot.  I left for the meeting around noon and we got home after 10pm.  I did do a little shopping and we went to WW and Bonnie and Elizabeth went to their class.  Alexus and I watched some TV.  Now a little reading and then sleep.  The farmers were cutting hay and green chopped grass like crazy today.  No rain so far today.

Good news the line of storms missed us here in Varysburg and the sun is out this morning.  Sure looks like I will be able to cut grass today.  I cut what grass I could but some spots are a muddy mess.  I was able to get quite a bit of the yard cut.  It was nice and windy and sunny today so that will help with the drying process but it needs to keep up.
I also built a small 2X4 frame, attached bracing and attached 1/2 inch hardware cloth to make a screen to sift some dirt.  As you can see its a large pile of dirt.
New screen

It works pretty good.  This 5 buckets are for Elizabeth.
Sifted ditch dirt
After a nice hot day yesterday the humidity and the temperature have fallen some.  It was a beautiful day and now time to relax after I post this.

Thanks for checking in.