Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunshine......a little rain

I had to set the alarm this morning to get up and get going.  I wanted to be at my granddaughters school by 8:15am for the eighth grade honors program.  It was bright and sunny this morning so I was awake and made it in time.  The program was nice and the staff kept the speeches short.  Alexus received an award signed by the President and a nice medal.  Her mother and I are very proud of her.
Receiving her award

Proud Mama

Proud GP

We also got to meet a couple of her friends.

Once I got home I finished my email and then went out and washed a couple of the screens and windows of the house and plan to do more tomorrow if it is dry enough.  It is sunny but only in the 50's today.  I am at an interesting part of "Big Lake" the book I am reading so hope to read some more of that this afternoon.  I also want to work on a few things for the MH.
I got to read some and worked on the MH some.  Stayed sunny all day and stayed cool.  I think tomorrow will be more of the same.  Getting late, time to read a little more.

I was up early today and started the wash.  Finished that up around 11am and headed to court for a couple hours.  It was so nice out today that I decided I would finish washing the windows and the screens.  So thats what I did and just finished.
The tools for the job
Wash station
Drying in the SUN!
Once Bonnie got home I helped her load up my truck with items for the big yard sale in Strykersville tomorrow.  Now its time for supper.

Bonnie was up early and off to the garage sales with a truck full of stuff.  Its a bit overcast but no wide spread rain is forecast.  I was in no hurry to do anything today as I was not sure of the weather.  I wanted to spray some weed killer but I need dry weather for about a day after it is spayed.  Well shortly after noon it got very dark and the skies opened up.  We got a good 1/4 inch in less than an hour and thunder that literally rattled the dishes in the cupboards.  So much for spraying.  I wonder how the yard sales are doing in the rain.  Its only 55 here today also, with a lack of sun thats pretty cold.
It just started to rain

58.5 and falling

So I worked on the routes for the trip to Creation Fest and Crossville, TN.  I am not familiar with some of the routes and sometimes the programs take you on the narrow back roads.  Only 22 days until we leave on the two week trip.

Up early today, Sunday is about the only day I set the alarm these days.  Emily our cat left her first present, she threw up, on the new carpet.  So I cleaned that up to start the day.
Does she look like she cares?
Had my oatmeal and caught up on email and blogs and now its time to shower and dress for church.
Still a nice sunny day when we got home.
Elizabeth and Alexus came over for the afternoon.  I loaded up the dirt I had sifted for her into her car.  Alexus washed her mothers car.
Washing the car
Then she and I took a quick tour of the woods on the Ranger to see how wet it is.  How wet is it?  Very wet but a week of dry weather and the roadways should be ok.
Now we are waiting for the grill to finish cooking the meat.
Pork Tenderloin on the Grill almost done.
Well thats about it for today time to relax a little now, so I will get this posted.
Thanks for checking in.