Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roof issues

Nice sunshine today good, I can get a lot done.  Quickly read my email and then headed out to work on the trailer lights.  I got them all working and wen to put the trailer back in its parking spot.  Then I jumped on the mower and cut a little grass, after I started up the generator on the MH and ran both air conditioners to exercise the generator and check out the air conditioners.
I also put out the slides and put some tape on the awnings where they were showing wear.
Repair tape
And used some Mighty Mendit to secure the awning edges where the stitches had come out.

Then while I was up on the ladder I noticed this.
Looks like the seam tape is splitting
So more projects to keep the MH in good shape.  Time for lunch, since a few rain drops are falling.
After lunch it was overcast but not raining so I jumped on the mower and finished mowing the yard.
It really needs cut
Oh I got Bonnie's fountain set up the other day and it was nice to have it running in the background this morning.

Thats about it for today.


Up and started the wash, its a bit overcast and cool today.  Hope the sun comes out as GD is at Darien Lake with her classmates for some fun in the sun.  Have some work to take care of at court and then pick up Alexus when she gets back from Darien Lake.


We were both up early for a Saturday.  Bonnie and Alexus are going into Elizabeths and a couple friends are coming over to work in the woods.  We will clear the roads and they will get the firewood for their houses.
While we had rain off and on a couple times it never really hindered us.  We pulled out about a dozen logs and there are more cut in the woods to pull out.  I think all the roads are cleaned up, there are still some blowdowns hung up in trees we can deal with them later.  It was good to work outside all day but all the fresh air has made me tired.

Today we celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Not really doing much, just taking it easy and then going to my daughters for dinner and to her church to hear a special speaker.
Thats about it for today.
Thanks for checking in.