Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's Wonderings

Nice and sunny this morning I thought I had slept in.  Got up and caught up on the email and blogs.  After breakfast I went out to get a few things done.  I removed the plastic compost barrel that has served well for quite a few years.  I shoveled all the aged compost into the Ranger and took it down to be sifted.
I had about 6 sheets of left over steel roofing that the wind had blown off the wood pile so I pulled it out of the weeds and moved it to where it can get washed off.  I put one sheet on the wood pile and cut a 20 foot piece in half to make it easier to move around.  Then I hauled the last couple of side boards from the old flower bed down to the wood pile.  I am hoping to make a fire pit at the end of the old flower bed.  I have the fire ring just need a good place to set it up.
Apple had a big announcement set for 1:00pm our time and I wanted to hear it.  Wow lots of good things coming.  A new operating system called Lion, A new IOS 5, and iCloud to replace Mobile Me.  Now its time to head up for court.
Court was easy tonight so I got home early, now a little reading, fasting, and sleep.  I have an early appointment to have blood drawn for lab work.

Woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain and then came the thunder.  I was up and headed to the lab to give samples for my scheduled Dr. visit next week.  Stopped at Charlies Diner in East Aurora for breakfast, then on to the bank, post office and then court.  Home now and the sun is out nice and bright.  I might try to cut a little grass.
I was able to cut the side hill next to the house, first time this year.  It is still wet but not as bad as it has been.  Then it was off to WW and I was down some again.  Spent the evening with Alexus as she did her home work.  Now heading for home and some rest.

Another nice day but very hot and humid for me.  I decided to to Warsaw and renew the registration for my utility trailer.  I did that and then stopped in at Emergency Services to visit a bit.  I also caught up with the sheriff and got a report on his recent camping trip to Cedar Point in Ohio.  Then I did a little shopping and stopped at Tim Hortons for and Iced Capp.  Then the Verizon store to check out the iPhone, keep my Droid 2.
When I got home I changed and went down and got the trailer.
Winter Parking Spot
I put the new sticker on the license plate and decided to check out the lights.  I spent several outs working on the light and got one side working.  I will work on the other side tomorrow.  The lights are just so cheap they are hard to repair when they corrode.
Up near the garage.
Wow where does the time go time to get this posted, its Wednesday night.

Thanks for checking in.