Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A week to regroup, repair and prepare

Got up early today and did the wash from the weekend.  Then trying to catch up and prepare for the two week trip.  I put the mail on hold, and the paper.  Made some reservations for September that were due this week.  Checked on my RX's that need to come in the mail this week and called the bank about a new service charge on my statement.  I had to switch to e-statements or pay 2 bucks for a paper statement.  I asked what happens if you are older and do not have internet.  They waive the fee if you are over 65, so if younger they expect you to pay or get internet.  I have been using a new todo list program called
Wunderlist that syncs to all my devices.  It works good and is pretty easy to use.
My John Deere Gator that is over at my father-in-laws won't start.  I looked at it last night and the carburetor is flooding so guess I will go over and try to clean it tomorrow, hoping that is all it needs
Now its about time to head up to court.  Finally home and ready for bed.

Up for another busy day.  I was ready to leave the house shortly after 9 this morning.  I headed to the bank, then filled the truck up with gas, then to the post office.  Then I headed over to my Father in laws to work on my Gator.  I tried spraying carburetor cleaner through the fuel line and that seemed to help a lot.  So we decided to go for a test ride.  It ran good but not great.  Then we got stuck in a mud hole way up in the woods.  So I walked back to the barn and got the tractor.  With that we pulled it out and headed back to the barn.  I drove the Gator back and ran it around in the field some.  When I stopped to see if it would idle it flooded out again.  So I managed to get it started and headed back to the barn.  I took the carburetor off and opened it up and cleaned the needle valve and fuel bowl.  Now it seems to be running great and has not stalled at all.  So we had a quick lunch and I headed up to court to catch up on paperwork.  Then home did some online research to find a NAPA fuel filter for the Gator and wiper blades for the MH.  Also checked on my RX's at Walmart they shipped them today, I also payed some bills online.  Then into WW and yes I lost some again.  The guys came by while we were gone and cut up the rest of the logs in to blocks to be split.
We had supper at Elizabeths and Bonnie's strawberry dessert, very good.  I stopped at NAPA and picked up the blades for the MH and the fuel filter for the Gator.
Finally home after a busy day, that also involved working on a sewing machine.
So busy I did not take any pictures.  Time for a little reading and sleep.  I have to be at Alexus's school at 9:00am.


Today is a special day, Happy Birthday to my wife, thanks for sharing your life with me.

Today was also special for Alexus, it is her 8th Grade Moving Up day.  Here are a few pictures.
Class of 2015
Waiting in line

Congrats received from the principal
Getting yearbook signed

With a few friends
On to High School
The ceremony was nice and I was able to take her home after it.
Now home to work on a few things.  Most all the stuff is off the porch so I can take down the blue tarps and put them away.
Tarps to block the rain

I also want to put the new wiper blades on the MH.  It rained almost a half inch over night and rained some more this morning, right now it still looks like rain.
The rain stopped but wow is it humid even though it is in the 70's.  I went out and put the new wipers on the MH.
New blades

Then I decided to grab some of the screened dirt and reseed some of the winter damage.  Just 4 buckets of dirt but I was soaked it is so humid.

Just need a little rain now
It is Bonnie's birthday and she picked going out for Mexican for dinner.  We had a good meal and we both did a little shopping.  I picked up some dicor lap sealant for the MH, also got a toaster for the trip, and some plastic scrapers to clean the old sealant off the roof.  Then we stopped at Walmart and I picked up a new road atlas and Bonnie picked up some food for the trip.
Elizabeth was with us and by now it was time to head to school to pick up Alexus from the dance she was at.
So another busy day but a great day.
Thanks for checking in, one more update and then we will be on the trip.