Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prepare to travel

Here are a couple pictures from Saturday, I forgot to take a camera to the woods.
Cutting down a dead danger tree before it falls
Piling up the logs
Ready to be made into firewood.
And here is a picture of my bride of 40 years, seated at the wonderful outdoor dinner we had at my daughters last night.

Looking good after 40 years

Today has been a beautiful day, its also our DIL's 33rd birthday, Happy Birthday Ashley.
I was able to get out and cut the far back yard without making any mud.  Then I took a few more pictures of the tape that is failing on our roof seems on the MH.
Near the back

Front cap

4 inch tape plus the lap sealer
I also talked to the company that makes repair tape for this and I also consulted with several fellow RVer's who have already fixed their seams.  So now I need to decide what product to use.
Time now to head to court.  Got home rather early, watched a little TV now going to read.
I have lots to do tomorrow, and decisions to make on the roof repair.

Busy day.  Up early and off to the Dr. , then the bank and post office before heading to court.  Got home after 5 collected the trash and then headed to WW, opps I gained a little.  Have to get serious this week.
Thats about it for today.

Up early again before 6am and headed to Syracuse, NY for a seminar on Health Benefits and Medicare.
the trip went well until I got downtown Syracuse.  The GPS decided to reboot at a critical time and then a truck got stuck making a turn and I needed to detour.  But I made it on time and it was a good seminar. Here are a few pictures of the drive.
Almost to Syracuse

Plenty of construction

Dust control

More construction
I was home by 5:30 and decided to cut some grass as Bonnie was still out shopping.
I am looking forward to tomorrow, I am headed up for a weekend in the MH.
Next post should finally have some camping pictures.

Thanks for checking in.