Sunday, June 19, 2011

Red Rock Ponds-Shake Down Trip

First off Happy Anniversary to my sister and BIL hope you have many more.
Up early and preparing for the camping trip.
Well I got on the road a little after 1pm and was on my site by 2:30PM, a nice short trip.  No problems with the drive up here.
I got set up and relaxed a little.  Then I got on line.  As I was sitting at the table zip a mouse ran across the floor.  I grabbed a trash can to smack it with but no luck.  We played cat and mouse for a while but I gave up.  I walked up to the campground store to see if they had any traps.  No luck for tonight but they are picking some up and will have them up there in the morning.  With any luck it will just leave.....right!
I noticed it had started to sprinkle so I went out to put up the awning and ran into this problem.
Where did that tree come from?

I had moved the MH when I first pulled in to make sure this tree was not right in the way of the door.  So tomorrow I will probably lift the jacks and back up a little since we are here three nights.  I also have a little leak by the front window.  It leaked here once before, not sure if it is the window or perhaps the clearance lights. I stored our clothes and other things we take out of the MH for the winter.   Time to relax a little and do a little reading, plus the US Open is on.

Woke up to bright sunshine this morning and nice temperatures.  Had my breakfast and read some blogs.  Then I got out and took a walk up to the Erie Canal and around the campground.
Erie canal looking West

Looking East

  Lots of activity around here today.  There are a lot of seasonal units here and they take good care of their spots so many are sprucing up today and cutting grass. Here are a few pictures.

The view as you pull in
The clubhouse and store
One of the ponds
Spruced up site
Our site lots of room on the left of the MH
Thats us way down at the end
I stopped by the office and they had picked up the mouse traps and gave me one.

 So the trap is set, now I need to take a walk, so maybe the mouse will come out.

Well the mouse has not appeared all day so perhaps he left the MH, lets hope so.  I just talked to the girls they are about to leave Varysburg so should be here in about an hour.  Its cooling off some so it might be a good night for a fire.  Guess I will catch some news and then read until they get here.  Everyone is here now let the fun begin.

We turned in early last night as the girls were tired from a week of work.  I watched some of Swamp Loggers but got tired and turned it off and went to sleep also.
We woke up late this morning and the first thing Bonnie said was "This is a very comfortable bed"  So it looks like the sleep number bed is a keeper.  I slept over 9 hours last night and I wake up with no back pain.
We had a leisurely breakfast and enjoyed cereals and fruit and some good Dominican Republic coffee that Bonnie brought back from her trip in January.  Now getting ready to head out to
Browns Berry Patch some want to pick straw berries and some want to just look around.
So we had a good time and the girls picked 8 quarts of strawberries and we got some good pictures.  We also watched the goats feed them selves.
The Picking Crew

In the fields

They pull the can with the food up themselves
Guess we will head up to the pond to fish some now.
A little one

Row row row your boat

Biggest of the day

We had a good time fishing caught a lot of little ones and also did a little boating and I went out in a canoe.  Then back to the MH and we cooked chicken on the grill.  We finished that up just in time to make it for BINGO.  One family one 5 games out of the 10.  Alexus one once so she made out good.  Then it was time for a campfire.

Only the sweetest person got bites
Getting her nails done

Just came in from that to catch up here a little.
Time to hit the hay now and get to sleep.  Looking forward to a pancake breakfast for fathers day.

Sunday Fathers Day
We were up and got ready for the Fathers Day pancake breakfast at the campground.  It started at 9 and were were just a little late.
The owner getting the pancakes ready
The pancakes, juice, sausage and coffee were good and Dad's ate for free.
After breakfast we leasurly packed up our stuff and pulled out of the campground a little after 11am.
Everything is unloaded and we just finished lunch.  Bonnie prepared strawberries and made a couple strawberry pies.
Preparing the berries

Just add the gel and chill
Well I will get this posted and then relax and enjoy the rest of the day.
Just had a call have to go check out why my Gator at my father-in-laws won't start.

Thanks for checking in

We caught the mouse last night.