Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Thursday, Friday, Saturday, finally Rest on Sunday


I set the alarm for 6am this morning, thats just not right when you are retired.  I wanted to go to John Deere to get the right cable for the Gator.
They were open bright and early at 7:30
We checked the parts book again and decided I should come back after the dentist and talk to the mechanic who has but in a bunch of the cables.
So I head off to the dentist.
Caught one by surprise

Love to see these smiles
Everything went well with getting my teeth cleaned and no cavities.  I picked up my new toothbrush, paste and floss, then headed for John Deere again.
We decided I had the right cable but needed a pin and clip to connect the new cable to the carburetor.  They had the clip but had to order the pin.  Its being overnighted to the house at no charge, pretty good customer service.
I headed back to the house and installed the cable and can finish when the pin comes in tomorrow.  I also changed the oil.

Alexus called about 11 and said she would be ready to be picked up in 10 minutes.  I was supposed to pick her up at noon.  So I quickly got ready and headed in to pick her up.
Just back from Kingdom Bound

She is in a daze
She looked and acted pretty tired after her week at Kingdom Bound.  She said she was going to take a real shower, put her clothes in the wash, and then get some sleep.  So I dropped her off at home and headed for Java Village.  I went to cut my sister-in-laws grass.  She had been dealing with some medical issues and not having much energy lately.  So three hours later I climbed off the mower and had cut a lot of grass.
This is about 1/4 of the yard

While I was cutting my father-in-law asked me to come down and look at their freshly painted house and barn.  Some guy stopped yesterday and offered to pressure wash and paint the house and barn.  Not sure how the did it so fast but it is done.

The about 6pm UPS showed up with the new tonneau cover for my truck.  So went out after supper and put it on, finished up about 9.

A pretty full day for a retired guy.


Even though I was up early the morning did not seem to last long.  I had my normal coffee and oatmeal and read a few blogs.  Then I heard the UPS truck in the driveway, that kicked me into high gear.  He brought the last part I needed for the Gator.  So I installed that and then came back in the house.
I started the wash and then went out and got on the mower to cut my grass.  I cut the back yard and then came in for a little lunch.

Some good news I checked the web site for the Extended Warranty and the site now says Check processing approved.  Progress.  Remember Bill told me the process takes 3 weeks.  Once I get the check I can file the request to review the claim and see if they will pay more after I explain it.  I did not have much confidence in the service writer at Freightliner, she tried but she was not the best explainer.

After lunch I sharpened both sets of mower blades and but a fresh set on the mower then finished the grass and continued with the laundry.

Remember the failing seam tape on the MH, I ordered the new tape today also, more progress.

I also called to get some information on the cemetery  where Bonnie and I would like to be buried.  I think preplanning ones burial is a blessing to the family.

I took care of all the cardboard boxes that were accumulating and then hooked the trailer to the truck and loaded up the Gator.  Bonnie got home and we headed over the her parents.  Bonnie also had stuff to take to her sister and niece.  Then we went up and visited her youngest sister and she invited us for supper.  So we sat out on the deck and had a nice visit.

We made it home just before dark, I unhooked the trailer and but the truck in the garage.

Good news just read on FB that the youth are back from their Ohio mission trip, with lots of good stories and memories.

Time for me to hit the hay.


Another busy day.  Up early again and after breakfast I reset the clock on the house generator.  Then stripped the bed and put the sheets in the washer.  Bonnie was up early also and picked up Elizabeth and took her into Buffalo to pickup some shelves for the new apartment.  Once she got home I helped her unload and then hooked up the trailer and took it to get it inspected.  While I was at the garage a motorcycle hit a stray dog out in front of the shop.  We called 911 and helped direct traffic.  The dog did not make it and the motorcyclist was hurt but it did not appear to be serious.

Then I stopped by court and worked on paperwork and a new process to submit my monthly report.  I got home just in time to unhook the trailer, park it and make a sandwich.  I ate the sandwich on the way to pick up Elizabeth to take her to Wheatfield to pick up a washer and dryer.
Washer and dryer and Elizabeth

On the way home we stopped at her new place and met the neighbors and had a nice visit with them.

Stove needs a little paint and maintenance

Loft and Alexus will sleep up stairs

Big living room

Finally home around 7pm and starving.  Elizabeth made us some supper as Bonnie and Alexus had already eaten.  Now all is quiet here and time to relax and then to bed.


Good to be at church this morning and see everyone I missed last week.  Also a good discussion in SS Class.  And the frond steps are getting a facelift
Ready for Concrete
Well I hope to relax the rest of the day so I will go ahead and post this early.

It was a great week and I got a lot accomplished, have a great week

Thanks for checking in.