Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Up on the roof top (down by the woods)


After an early morning and speed reading my blogs and email I headed outside.  I got out the Simple Green, TSP, and rags and buckets.  Then I moved the ladder down to the RV and thought I would clean as much of the roof as I could reach from the ladder.  The cleaning was going good so I did what I said I would not do.  I got clean water and go up on the roof and no one else was home.  I did most of the work while on my knees and stayed away from the edges.  My concern was standing and scrubbing the roof with soap making it slippery and falling off the roof.  So I just did it the old way on my hands and knees, which seemed pretty safe.  So its about 60% done and I hope to finish tomorrow since the weather is dry, sunny and somewhat cool.  I have even asked my daughter to come out and help keep an eye on me.  If all goes well I could even get the Kool Seal on the seams.  I found a couple spots today and put the Eternabond tape to seal the small cracks.

Now time to listen to a couple podcasts and then off to court.


Busy day ahead so I have to hurry this morning.
After a quick breakfast this morning I headed out to try to finish the cleaning of the MH roof.  No such luck, it was all wet (slippery) from the overnight dew.  So I got what I could from the edges and redid the one joint with eternabond tape.
Cleaning tools

The wet roof hard to tell

Before on the left After on the right

I gathered the trash and loaded it into the truck to take out to the road.  Then it was off to the bank and post office for court with a quick stop at court.  It was already noon and I needed to be in Batavia at noon.  So I quick headed for Batavia for the NARFE meeting planning to give my rep or on Medicare.  Nope it was a picnic so we put the report off for 2 months as I will be at the Magistrates Conference next month.  Then back home and up on the roof again and this time I finished the cleaning.  If the weather looks good I will Kool Seal the seams tomorrow.

Phone call now they are delivering new furniture tomorrow between 11 and 1, prime roof sealing weather.

Now we are heading to WW in East Aurora.  Came right home as Elizabeth and Alexus had high school orientation, wow high school already.


Up early today and back in my routine of reading blogs and email.  We are to get a furniture delivery today and Elizabeth and Alexus are coming to help me work on the MH.
The furniture came a little early which was good.
New couch

New chair they are the same color
Emily approves of the new couch
Got the seams all coated with the Kool Seal

One more coat to do tomorrow if it does not rain
Then I helped Alexus sand her dresser project as she wants to paint it all white.

The dresser project

Busy sanding in the shade now
Well another big move tonight.  When Bonnie got home we headed in to West Seneca to look at a new car.  We have been wanting a car that we can flat tow behind the MH.  So after much research we decided to look at Honda CR-Vs.  Well we did get to look at a couple but they are already sold.  In fact most are sold before they ever get to the dealer.  So we decided on an Opal Green one that is due into the dealer on Sept 11th.  These are built both in Japan and in the US.  The one we have our name on was built in Japan.  If the dealer can find one to trade for we could get it sooner.  So now I am researching Tow Bars, Base Plates, supplemental brakes and lighting kits.  Then we will be closer to being ready to tour the USA.
Opal Sage I think we have different wheels
Rain is in the air for tomorrow.
Time to post this
Thanks for checking in.