Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Back into a somewhat normal routine


I woke up this morning to thunder and heavy rain.  I did manage to roll over and sleep a little more.
After catching up on some more mail, I headed out and gassed up the chain saw to start working on the down tree in the yard.  I got the top all cut up and hauled away and cut sections for firewood until I ran out of gas, both in the saw and me.
After lunch I listened to some podcasts and of course fell asleep for a much needed nap.   Then it was off to court, which turned out to be an easy night.  The DEC officer stopped in to tell me that a neighbor had just called in seeing a bear in their yard today.  So we are attributing the bird feeder to a bear.  Its nice a cool good sleeping weather.

Thats it for Monday


I was up early this morning no rain yet.  I had to head to the bank and post office for court and then up to court to review some paperwork.  Got home about 1pm.  Then ate a little lunch and changed into my work clothes.  I went out and finished up cutting up the tree that fell in the yard.  Then I loaded up all the cut up blocks and piled them near the wood pile to be split.

I had just come in the house when Freightliner called and said they were still having problems with the warranty company and it appeared they were not going to pay the claim.  I called the warranty company and they put me through to the claims department and I finally was connected to a supervisor.  I was on hold so long that I put the phone on speaker and took a shower, of course I was still in the shower when the supervisor came on the line.  I explained the whole thing him and he talked to me about their position.  Then the light seemed to come on and he said that it appeared everything they were asking for was there.  He said he approved the claim.  I told him I had already given them my credit card number.  So he then set up a three way call with freightliner to make sure they had been paid and that it was ok for them to pay me.  So he said it can take up to 3 weeks to get the check but that all was approved.  So now I am in a wait and see mode again.  Some of you said you missed the suspense so here we go again, will the check show up in the mail.

Then it was off to weight watchers, I lost 4 pounds so thats good news.  Then we stopped to see Elizabeth and had a delicious strawberry and chicken salad.  Alexus is at Kingdom Bound this week so we did not see her.  Then it was off to home.

Thats about it for tonight.


Raining again this morning, so I am catching up on podcasts and updating computer programs.  Its still overcast if it stops raining I plan to go over and pick up the Gator to replace the throttle cable and change the oil.  All the parts are to be at John Deere by 4pm so I have to pick them up later this afternoon.  Well the sky let loose on my way to pick up the parts.  I stopped in Attica to get a filter for the house generator and also an indicator light for the Gator.  It rained so hard the streets were flooded.  Then on to John Deere in Alexander only a few miles away and it was not raining.
Back home I started to put the new cable in.  I had to add a bracket kit and a new spring.  Then the cable, but oh no its the wrong cable.  On the way home the dentist office called and I can get my teeth cleaned in the morning.  So I will get up early, be at John Deere at 7:30 and hope they have the correct cable and then the Dentist at 8am.  I also have to pickup Alexus at noonish.
Here are a few shots of the Gator project.
Ready to go get the Gator
Plastic off the front so I can get at the cable, pretty easily

New indicator light shows when the key is turned on
My sister called tonight and we booked our plane tickets for a November vacation in Florida.

Thats about it from here.

Thanks for checking in