Sunday, August 21, 2011

Load em up, Head out its time to go camping again!!


Up a biit early I have to be at the eye Dr at 10:10. I stopped to check on some tires that Bonnie had found but they were the wrong size.  Her Subaru takes 255/55/R18 tires and they are expensive.  If you know of a place to get a good price let me know.  Then I stopped at Tractor Supply and picked up 6 bags of solar salt for our water softener.  Still made it on time to the eye Dr.  my eyes are in good shape slight change to my RX so I need to visit an optometrist when I get a little time.  Then I stopped by the county 911 center to visit the folks I used to work with.  One last stop at the furniture store to look at a couch Bonnie likes.  Finally headed home and taking it easy.  They dilated my eyes and the sun is bright today, so will stay in till the sun goes down and then I can load up the MH for the trip tomorrow.

Once Bonnie got home we ate supper and then I loaded our clothes and food into the MH for the weekend.    The plan is to head to Jamestown around noon tomorrow, it will be good to see our friends from Chapter 12.  The weather forecast looks good and Bonnie's sister is joining us tomorrow night.  I ran up to court and took care of some paperwork and put the new sensors in the shredder and that is working now.  Just some wash to do and we are ready for a fun weekend.


Another early start to the day up at 7:20am.  Started a load of wash and now at 10:30 the last load is almost done.  I took a few last minute things to the MH and so we should be ready to go when Bonnie gets home. The weather is perfect and Bonnie likes the campground where we go because the creek that runs through it is full of fossils.

Bonnie was home at about 20 after noon and we were headed South by 12:40.  It started to rain as we left the driveway and within minutes we had thunder, lightning, and hail.  Thankfully it only lasted about a half mile and then it ended and soon the roads were dry again.  We had an uneventful trip and pulled in the the Hidden Valley Camping Area about 3pm.
Had to get a shot of this after dark
 Most of the others were already here and set up already.  It was jus about happy hour so I set up the coach and leveled it as best I could and then joined the others for a nice time of visiting.
We are the second from the left

  We had a brief sun shower but there was room under the awnings and front of the fifth wheels for everyone to stay dry.

Bonnie's sister Carol arrived just about 5:00 to stay with us for the weekend.

We have at least 10 rigs here and before long it was time to head to the Nic-L-In for dinner.  But not before we were able to tour the Pitts new Endeavor, what a beautiful coach.  The Schwain's truck was also in the campground so I picked up some ice-cream for dessert later.  So off to dinner, it poured rain as we arrived there, bummer as two of our group were on their Harley.  But the sun was shinning when we left for the campground after dinner.  Everyone enjoyed their meals and said the food was good.

Once back at our coach a campfire was soon started and most gathered around that for catching up on what everyone had done for the summer.  A few went to the Casino and a few retired for the evening.  Norm and I stuck it out till after 11 when the fire died down and then headed for our Homes on Wheels.

We had a great day and it was made better by seeing all our camping friends and meeting a couple new ones.


Had a great nights sleep and up and ready to start the day at 7:30.  Breakfast at 8:30.
What a great breakfast, I think we have about 23 folks here at the campout.
Anxiously waiting

Plenty of eggs, biscuits, gravy, juice, and cantaloupe.

Table eye view

Our President Joni has a short business meeting

The Pitt's in yellow are now officially full timers!
Two identical new Endeavors, nice and shiny
Bonnie and Carol took off to look for fossils in the the creek.  Here is a look as some of what they found.
Bonnie's collection

Carols' collection
A group of 8 of us got together and played a little cards this afternoon and then happy hour.

Happy hour

More Happy Hour
 Bonnie and Carol made an Avocado dip thats a lot like a salsa.  It was a big hit and before you knew it it was time for dinner.  Wow lots of eating this weekend.  The main course was Turkey, it was delicious  lots of vegetables and the desserts were out of this world topped off with fresh pumpkin pie.

Tonight we are headed for Heron Night Lights.  Here are some shots from our walk through the woods at Heron.
At the entrance

Craig and Maria arrive in style

We all got night stick necklaces to wear, some made a halo out of it.

The Official Blue Heron


This morning started with a bang around 5am.  Thats when the cold front came through with its thunderstorms.  Once they were past we slept in until 8.  Breakfast was at 8:30 so we had to hurry just a bit.  The campground was to do holding tank pump outs at 10am, but showed up shortly after 8.  So we got that taken care of for just 5 bucks.

Hooking up for the pump-out

The other end of the green hose
Craig had a nice surprise for us at breakfast.  We usually just have a continental breakfast on Sunday but today Craig made blueberry pancakes and they were delicious.  After breakfast everyone slowly began to break camp.  The Pitts were first to leave as they hoped to be in Michigan by the end of the day.  The rain held off while we packed but it was pretty wet.

Here is Craig loading up his Harley on his tow vehicle he pulls a nice 5th wheel with this tractor.

Bonnie and Carol to one last fossil hunting walk and then we headed home and Carol went sight seeing as she is officially on vacation.  The rain started just after we left Jamestown and followed us all the way up the Thruway and then all the way home.  Still raining as I backed into the driveway which made it hard to see.  We left everything in the MH and headed for the house.

The sun came out a couple hours later and so we went out and brought in the clothes and food.  The wet stuff is in the washer and I think we can relax the rest of the day.

Time to post this I hope you have enjoyed the report.

Thanks for checking in.