Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lots of Grass to Cut


I was determined to sleep in this morning, but that did not happen.  I heard Bonnie leave for work and rolled over but never got back to sleep.  The big reason for that was I had a treat waiting for me.  A very special young lady had given me a box of Dunkin Donuts K-Cups for my Keurig coffee maker.  Having a cup of that was all that was on my mind when I woke up.

And yes it was delicious, thanks again Caroline.

Its overcast this morning and nice and cool.  I wanted to start cutting the grass but instead stayed in and washed the clothes from the trip.  We did the sheets and towels last night.  I also need to clean the MH inside and do a little maintenance on the tank flush system, it seems to be plugged up.

Finally got outside and moved the patio carpet we use camping and put it up across our garden cart to dry.
One of the things that got soaked yesterday (finally dried)
Then it was time to work on the coach.  Behind door number 3 is the propane tank and a black plastic panel.
 And behind that panel is some insulation and then the ends of the black sewer tank, the black tank on the right is for grey water, and the bottom white tank is the fresh water.  I have already removed the flusher fitting that is at the end of the blue per pipe.  The small holes in it were plugged up.  So I drilled them out a little larger and will see how that works.  It only took about an hour or so and was not that stinky.

After that I jumped on the John Deere and cut the front grass and along the sides of the driveway, including out by the road.  Now a quick shower and I will head up for court.  I checked the warranty companies web site and my account says they have approved a lot of my motel, car, and food expenses so thats good news.


Pretty boring day today until about 1:51pm.  I got up and read and researched some stuff on the web.  Watched a few podcasts and then headed outside.  I jumped on the mower again and cut the back yard it was a lot longer than I thought.

Then I got a call from my SIL.  She was changing propane suppliers this year as she is getting a furnace and found a good deal for the first year.  She got a call from her current supplier who also supplies us and her parents.  He offered her the same price as the promotional price her new supplier was offering and extended that price to us and her parents.  What great news as the price of propane has gone way up.

Then I headed to the bank and had just parked at 1:51pm.  My truck started shaking, I thought someone was pushing on it as a joke, I could not see anyone so thought the engine was running rough, shut that off and it was still shaking, must be the wind.  When I went in the bank the girls were all talking about the shaking and how long it had lasted.  Then it hit me, earthquake.  We have felt several here in WNY this year.  This one was way down in Virginia, wow.  I tried to call some friends down there but just got voicemail.  I see some comments from others in the area on Facebook so think they will be ok.

Bonnie has a dentist appointment and then we head in for WW and dinner at Elizabeths.  I heard from our friends in Virginia and all is well.  After dinner I went in to the Apple store and picked up a new Airport Extreme.

 It was simple to set up and every thing is working great.  I walked through Best Buy on the way out and they had a 2TB hard drive on sale so I picked it up also.

 I reformatted it for MAC but since it is so big I think I will reformat it with 2 partitions one for MAC and One for Windows.


I was up until 1am, thanks Tim Horton, but got a good nights rest and was up before 8am.  First the sun was out and then it would cloud up, with the threat of storms today I did not know what to do.  I did change the format on the 2TB hard drive and started to move all my photos to it as a second back up.  The new WiFi router is working well and seems much faster than the older NetGear one it replaced.  After catching up on my reading I headed outside to spray weed killer.  But then it clouded up again.  I got the ladder out to check the MH roof again and see if my plan to fix the seams will work.  I tried to scrape off some of the sealant and I do not think that is going to work.  So I have to decide if I will use plan B.  Which would be to use Cool Seal over the silver tape that still seems to be in good shape other than the white coating peeling off of it.

Then I decided to do some weed whacking.  So I swapped out the string trimmer for the blade and loaded up the Ranger.
The installed blade
Ready to head out to the road
The enemy The weeds

Defeated weeds

Did all the way to the property line
Hit the shower after that and watched a little TV.  Bonnie brought fresh corn home for supper and we had that with grilled chicken and cole slaw, a great dinner.

Now we are catching up on recorded programs so I will get this posted.

Thanks for checking in.