Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nice Cool end to the week


Once again I got an early start to the day.  I threw the towels into the wash, washed the dishes and made breakfast.  Once the towels were done I headed outside to finish splitting the wood that got rained out yesterday.  It made a nice little pile from the tree that fell in the yard.
All split and drying
While I was splitting the mail man came and delivered the roll of Eternabond to re-seal the roof seams on the MH
60 bucks a roll
Before putting the splitter away I went ahead and changed the oil.  While I was busy doing that the FEDEX van cane and dropped off a coffee order.
Lots of good morning drinks and evening teas in this box.
Then I took this pile of weeds that Bonnie had pulled and dumped it in our pile of weeds and branches.

I also took the tractor and turned the weeds over on the big dirt pile we have.

Ditch dirt the county brought us about a year a go
Then it happened.  I was backing in the tractor carefully to miss the washer and dryer DD has stored in the garage and the the bucket caught the door frame and ripped it loose.  It took about a half hour to repair.  It only had about 3 nails holding it in place no wonder it came loose.  So now it is screwed in place and properly secured.

I also made a call to Interstate to check on the claim I faxed to them yesterday for the motel, car, and food.  I had to rescan and send them the hotel receipts.

I checked Sears and the impact wrench I need to do the brake job on the truck is in stock today in Warsaw and 10% off when ordered on line.  Bonnie is going to try to pick it up after work, since she is going shopping nearby.

Its been a nice sunny cool day and very enjoyable, just a beautiful day.


Busy day today.  Up and at it.  Got the wash and the dishes done and headed up to court.  Ordered parts to fix our shredder and reviewed cases for next week.  Then I got a call to work on a printer problem over in Attica and got there about 1pm.  Fixed that and did some virus repair also and finally headed home about 3:30pm.  Bonnie got home and we had a quick supper from the crockpot.  The pork was delicious.  About 6pm I went out and cut the front lawn in about 40 minutes.

We were invited to speak to a young adults group and lead a bible study at 7pm so we headed down to Varysburg to do that.  That went well and we just got home and its about 12:30am.  I think the diet coke is keeping me awake.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.

The greeter has a great smile who would not feel welcome
A quick chat with the hosts
The group starts to arrive

More of the group
Looks like the peanut gallery
A new game to me to finish off the evening, the butterfly game
We had a great evening, I enjoyed hearing all the comments on these young folks have on faith.


The caffene wore off and I was fast asleep at 1:30am and now up at 8 and ready to head out for the day.  I have to go up to court, then help install a Microwave at Elizabeths new apartment, and then if it is not raining cut my SILs grass.  Then home to finish off mine if it is still not raining.

The day went as planned except we did not mount the microwave.  When Elizabeth went to the new apartment she found a bunch of contractors and the roof and wall ripped all apart.  The leaking roof was much more extensive than they thought.  They are re-sheeting the roof and redoing the wall.  So that is good, just so she can move in by the end of the month.

Last night there was a 911 call for a car accident at Bonnie's parents address.  I stopped by there after cutting grass and learned it was a young man who fell asleep and went off the road, hit the corner of the new bridge and flew through the air into the corn field.  All this after 11 last night.  Here are a few pictures.
You can see the tracks and the corner of the bridge

Here is the corner he hit and broke off

Pieces of glass in the Grass

Mom down where the car ended up

The pieces that broke off the bridge
The young man came to their house and knocked on the door, he was pretty bloody mom said and they called 911.

Elizabeth, Alexus and visiting cousin Kalyse came to visit and for supper.  The girls are out in the woods picking blackberries.

There were more but this is what was left by the time I took the picture

Boy its been a long day and I am beat, thats it for tonight.


Another good cool night for sleeping and no thunderstorms.  Today is the 100th Williams family reunion, on Bonnie's side of the family so we all will be headed to that after church.

A big line of thunder storms came through today.  It started while we were at church and ended up dropping .83 in. of rain.  Good thing the reunion was inside and the meal was catered.  Those of you from Buffalo will recognize the name on the boxes.
Chiavetta's chicken is a favorite here in the area.
There was a good turnout for the reunion and we also celebrated a 90 Birthday of one of the relatives at the same time.

Here are a few of the folks waiting for dinner to start.
We had a good time and it was nice to see everyone.  We came straight home from there and I promptly fell asleep in the recliner for a quick nap.  We both have not recovered yet from our late night Friday.

Thats about it from here for this week.

Thanks for checking in.