Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving Day


Well today started just before midnight for me.  I was about into bed when I got called to court for an arraignment.  I got to bed then about 10am and did sleep in until 10am.  Then as is my routine I washed the towels today and read blogs and podcasts.
My water pressure regulator came via the post office today so I checked it out.  I have been reading of the problems high pressure in some campgrounds can cause in a MH.

Then I called around and found the Kool Seal

 to repair the roof seams on the MH in Attica at Ace Hardware so I drove over to pick it up and the phone was ringing when I got home.  Back up to court to fix some paperwork and then home for a bit to eat.

Now we are headed into Elizabeths to paint and install the over range microwave.

This is the space where the Microwave is to fit.

Wow they have a lot to finish before Saturday when she moves in.

They replaced the from wall board and windows

Just clean up over here

New windows are nice and big

Stove needs cleaned and some repairs
They are also still working on the roof.

Once they finish the front they are to tear off and replace the back roof also.  I think the roof will get done after she moves in.

We did deliver the two shelves she had stored in our garage.  Tomorrow we will move more.

Shelves in the back of my truck.
I did get the microwave installed

I guess this qualifies as another busy day.


Friday was not too busy of a day I guess.  I did get the laundry done and watched a couple podcasts.
Then I headed up to court for a few hours.  I have not really felt very good today.
Then when Bonnie got home she headed into Elizabeths new place and cleaned a little.  They got a lot done and the place seems ready to move into.  Not everything is done but they are getting close.


Today is the memorial service for my Uncle Johnny in Pitcarin, PA.  With Elizabeth's move we were not able to go.  I can not be there physically but have plenty of good memories that keep coming to mind today.

We left here about 9am and I dropped Bonnie off at the new place and I headed to the old place for a load of furniture and the refrigerator.
All loaded up
At least 10 people from Elizabeth's church came out to help so the move went pretty quickly, thanks everyone.
Lots of people and trucks and SUV's

Everyone took a load
We even had enough help and a flat trailer and we were able to move her Rubbermaid shed with out any damage.

Notice the front of the roof on the house is all shingled
Came home and got a nice hot shower, then a nice nap.
This evening is NASCAR and keeping track of friends in the path of IRENE, stay safe my friends.


Up this morning and we headed for church.  We needed a printer to print Sunday School material so I got that set up today.  Then after church we went out to eat with some friends from church and Jeff H.  He is a missionary with SCORE and heads up the trip that Bonnie and others from church go on to the Dominican Republic in January.  We went to the Prospector in Attica and wow we saw lots of friends from church having their Sunday Dinner.

We got home changed clothes and headed in to Elizabeths new place.  She has been busy and got a lot unpacked.  But it has made her tired and cranky, but I guess that is to be expected.  Her new neighbor brought over their carpet cleaner and Bonnie cleaned the upstairs carpets and the couches.  I worked on figuring out how to program the keypad and Elizabeths car to open and close the garage door.  Seems the remote for the door is lost.  I finally figured it all out and now it works.  The contractor was there also and replaced 8 sheets of sheathing on the roof today and much more to do.

We grilled some bratwurst, Elizabeth made potatoes and greens which we all had for supper.
Finally got home just after dark.

We have heard from most of our family and friends that were near or in the path of the hurricane, all are safe and sound and had little or no damage.  We are thankful for that.

Thats about it for this week, Thanks for Checking in.