Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maybe a normal week


Rained a bit over night .83 inches here and up to 2 inches in parts of the county, it never woke me.
Overcast this morning so I slept in some.  But once I was up and fed I did get to work.

First on the agenda was changing the whole house water filter.  It is a pretty easy and straight forward job.  Unscrew the clear plastic part dump out the water and the old filter put in the new filter and screw it back it in.
Our water system

Nice new bright white filter to take out sediment
Then it was out to change the oil in the house emergency generator.  Thats a little more involved but still pretty easy.  Take off a cap on a hose drain the oil, remove and replace the filter.  Then refill the oil and test.
All opened up for servicing.
All closed up and ready to do its job
I have always had trouble getting the front back on, but today I fixed it by loosening some bolts and aligning the left side properly.  So now we are in good shape and ready to go for another year, unless it runs a lot.  Only has 78.1 hours run time in two years.  It was only 73 outside but the humidity was about the same and my shirt was soaked when I came in.  Time for court.

It has cooled off nice tonight and I think the humidity must be down some.


Woke up to the sound of a gentle rain this morning, we could use an all day rain.  Rain would be fine today as I have lots of paperwork to catch up on here at home and at court.
I think the rain may finally be gone as I eat my lunch late, 2:30pm.  Finished my chores for the day, bank and Post Office for court, cat box and trash at home.  Then I put together my claim for reimbursement of my food, rental car, and lodging in Knoxville.  I faxed all 13 pages to the warranty company so we will see what happens with that.  Tonight is WW and then I think we will stop at Elizabeths for a visit and maybe supper.

WW went well I was down a little again.  Had dinner at Elizabeths and she and Bonnie went to a bible study.  Alexus and I watched a little TV.  Finally home and time for bed.


Early start again today.  I have to be in Attica at Upstate Chevy at 10am today.  Oil Change and tire swap are on the agenda.  Nice cool night I slept like a contented baby.

I was to be at Upstate Chevy at 10am today to get my tires swapped and an oil change.
Upstate Chevy

 So I went out early and loaded my nice 20inch wheels in the truck for the swap.
Notice tonneau cover folded up
This is the new tonneau cover in place
So I arrived there early and they took me right in.  The dealership is being remodeled and things are all messed up and boy is it noisy.  I had my kindle and after a couple chapters gave up.  My oil change was free and the tire swap was 20 some bucks.  They also said the front brakes are badly worn and will not pass inspection in March.  I asked for an estimate and they said $384 plus tax.  I stopped at Carquest and got brakes and new rotors for $161 including tax.  Now to pick a nice cool day to put them on, put it will save $200 and we have spent enough on vehicle repair lately.

Had lunch when I got home and then went out to split the wood from the tree that fell in the yard.  I got about a third of it done when the sky got black, the wind came up and it started to rain.  I hurried to put the equipment in the garage and made it into the house.  Then the sky opened up and it poured for about 20 minutes and then it was over.  Its nice and cool now and time for a little nap and some TV.

Time to post this
Thanks for checking in.