Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time in the Woods


Well I have to admit I turned the heat on yesterday afternoon, let the heating season begin.
Nice morning and early afternoon today.  I spent the day in the woods with one of the guys I used to work with at the 911 Center.  We cut and blocked up 4 truck loads of wood, he has already hauled them home and we plan to get more before winter.  We worked until about 3 when it started to rain.  So I came in showered and am catching up on podcasts.  Looks like IOS 5 should be released by the middle of October.


Looks like it rained all night but just a gentle rain and forecast to rain off and on all day.  Lots to do today, work at court, go to the bank, pick up dry cleaning, weigh in at WW, and disconnect and move Elizabeth's washer and dryer so they can completely redo her bathroom.
Well we got everything done but we did have a bit of an incident.  While moving the dryer it slipped and tore off Elizabeths toe nail.  Plus they are at Mercy Hospital now getting xrays to see if her toe is broken.  Alexus has gone to bed and I am keeping watch waiting for them to get home.  More news in the morning.


Well we got home at 4AM this morning.  They sewed Elizabeths toenail back on and said they did not see a fracture.  But she has to go see the Orthopedic Surgeon today.  So we jumped in bed to get some sleep.  Bonnie got up after about 4 hours and headed to work, I got up as she left.  I'm pretty tired and I know Bonnie is.

After breakfast I headed out to work on the MH.  I moved it up near the garage and took some pictures underneath it of the filters etc.  My goal was to change the coolant filter and maybe the fuel filters.  Laying under the coach the filters are just out of reach but I did manage to get the filter loose.

The white one is the coolant filter its about the size of a regular oil filter.  The black is the huge oil filter.
I had to reach straight up but got my hand on it to loosen it.  Of course I ended up getting a shower of anti freeze, which made me drop the filter, which of course hit me on the side of the face, no injury.  I cleaned up and got the new filter installed.  Then ran the generator and put some rivets and screws in the fuel tank door that had come loose again.

Headed in for some lunch after that and catch up on email.  Then back outside and jumped on the lawn tractor.  I cut all the grass while I listened to podcasts.  There are already a lot of leaves down on the ground so I brought all the pieces and parts for the lawn vacuum up to the garage.  I put gas in the engine and it started right up.  A few more things to put together and it will be ready of go to work.  Last year I picked up over 1200 bushel of leaves in October.  Came in and got a shower and tried to relax.

While I worked on the MH today I looked it over to see where the supplemental brake system will hook and I think I have it figured out.  It looks like it will tie in the area of this device.
Treadle Valve
So I got online and ordered all the parts I think we need to set up the car for towing.  Within an hour I got an email that it had all shipped.  Wow is quick and they had the best prices, hope they shipped all the right stuff.  It may even be here in time for us to take the car to Pennsylvania on our last campout of the season.

Bonnie finally got home just after 7 and is relaxing a bit and calling back some family then off to bed for her.  I hope to get a good nights sleep also.  She just talked to her sister and found out that she fell at work yesterday and was at the MAC Center last night, Elizabeth almost went there.  Then today they were both at the same DR office, different Drs and different times.

Well catching up on some TV waiting for the rain to start.

Thanks for checking in.